Protect yourself from your own thoughts

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “protect yourself from your own thoughts” the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone realizes that every thought has an indescribable power to influence human how to create what they want in reality, I believe everybody has own luck, but luck has never happened when there is no self-awareness, to break the rule of negativity in this life, we need self-awareness to access the power of universe, the human's thought is the channel of the universe and every channel of the universe can be used to release the human's emotionwhether it contains positive feeling or negative feeling, every second the mainstream of information goes through the universe's channel, now the question, how can you survive from the mainstream of information which can across to your mind?, here is the answer; don't trust your memory and you embrace the failure, the main reason why i recommend you to embrace the failure because all failures you have taken is going to guide you going to the most righteous direction, now I understand why most people have a mediocre life because they are too proud to be right and they reject the most significant failure, remember this note; the universe doesn't like with people who always claim themselves to be right and hate with mistake, if people claim themselves to be right or to be clever enough, means they stop learning, when they think such thing over and over again, means they intend to stop the flowing of God's blessing, please don't try to close your channel of mind by stop learning, hate the failure, hate the misfortune, hate the setback, hate the delay process and hate the adversity because they are the right components where they are designed by God to help you increasing your mental age and break all obstacles which can discontinue your action during you are finding what you deserved.

        Here is the truth; our imagination will give suffering when we think it is true, but when we consider suffering is the learning process, we will get the positive feeling, this life offers the positive and the negative energy because they have different job where it can help people to design tomorrow, when the life says "beware of what you become and beware of what you pursue" means, this life is using the negative energy to remind you how to embrace responsibility and you must take risk from the option you have picked, when you have this kind of idea, life will teach you how to be grateful person in every different situationwhen the life says "behold about the possibility and the opportunity", means, this life is using the positive energy to remind you how to design tomorrow and how you prepare yourself to welcome the life's challenge, remember this note; the quality of information will determine the quality of your thoughts, if you can create good perception about the problem you faced, so you will have good experience, this life is too short to think about negativity, sometimes the power of negativity can create bad habit when you let the negativity staying inside to your subconscious mind, you must protect your data before the negativity will erase your good memory, here is the first quality that you must build in order to protect yourself from your own thoughts; you have strong reason to fulfill what you pursueif you have strong reason, you will have strong principle to defend yourself from negative thoughts, the more we care about our thoughts, the more we can develop something undeveloped, remember; your thoughts is your biggest asset, don't let other people destroy it, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.