Purpose fuels passion

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “purpose fuels passion” the meaning of that topic is every purpose can guide people how to shape new destiny in the future, human can't create passion without having clear purpose first, if human still can't find their purpose, they must visualize the possibility how to create idealism and the success model, so the first criteria how to have clear purpose is we are interested about the future, then we plan something in order to execute what we want into reality, we don't need to create the power of passion, let the purpose fuels your enthusiasm, finally you enjoy what you do, here is my advice; don't let our purpose is making us frustrated, we must clear out the barrier within our mind first by dissecting our purpose into long term plan, then we can make journal to enlist what is your strength point and what is your weakness point?, if you can recognize it, you will be able to find your destination place, remember this; our destiny is determined by our decision, the more we often use our imagination to create daily plan, the more we can get clear picture about what we are going to prepare to welcome our destiny, we must ensure our imagination can measure our capacity, the more we can measure our capacity, the more we can make progress, but if we can’t measure the progress, we will never arrive at our destination place.

Don’t let small mind tells you that you can’t create a better result, you must dare to say to your mind “get as much as depression you want and I will observe about it but I don’t join your game”, when you practice your mind to make incantation such thing, your clear purpose will fuel your passion, eventually your life will get full of excitement, remember this note; the quality of your dream/goal will reflect to your personal character, if you have a lousy goal, you are less productive at work, then your goal is going to make you feel bored often and you will lack of passion, here is my advice; before you will create purpose, you must ask yourself “what kind of skill do I want to learn in the future” and “are my goals too vague to welcome the life’s tough challenge?” if you can’t answer it, you will plan to fail for your own future, then you try again with thinking outside the box, you must hone your visualization if you want to create idealism, the reason why we need to create idealism because it can fuel your own creation, not copying other people's ability, if you aren’t interested to learn something new, you probably can’t create better future because you fail to plan something for your future, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.