Stop acting so small, you are the universe in divine motion

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “stop acting so small, you are the universe in divine motion”, the meaning of that topic is in order to create big different in the future, we need great effort, great enthusiasm and great mistake, as we know that every human has limitation, such as space and time, we must accept that reality as our opportunity to grow and we must stop doing which it's connected with meaningless activity because every greatness can’t be waited, we must do something different every day in order to create big result in the future because life journey will be distressing if there is no progress at all, human is very rare breed creature and everything in this universe can be measured by the human's power of imagination because imagination is the biggest reward that human have ever accepted from the God, but the problem is not every single person can succeed to access the imagination because they stay focus to the short term plan and they prefer to get an instant happiness, as long as if human keep practicing, keep evolving, and keep humility, they will not get desperate easily although there are many failures try to hurt themthe difference between what human have and what other creatures don’t have is imagination, if we can access the power of imagination, means, we have the channel which is used to connect between human's psyche and creativity, unlike the animals, before we access our imagination, we must measure how much capability we can develop constantly and we must measure how much time we need to tolerate something we can bear, if we can’t meet with the requirement, we will lose what we already have such as blessing.

          If we just accept our limitation without doing something we never tried, we will get regression and we always become the victim of life such as living in the midlife crisis and we get the pain of regret, every motion in the universe is measured by Almighty God, human can choose whether they will follow the universe’s rule or reject the universe’s rule, if we disobey the universe's rule, automatically we reject the divine’s decision, as human being, we can't dealt with many problems except we are taught by problem to be great person in the future, if we see the fact, many people spend their life to pursue for money, buy liabilities and a lot of possessions, what I see about that lifestyle, that's real problem because they don't pursue problem, if people don't pursue problem, they always act smaller than the universe's expectation, before we want to take a lot possessions at our will, we must know what the world wants from us, if we don’t know the purpose about having a lot possessions, it will not give the benefit to human, except the world will make us to be slavery forever, basically human don't need to do something what God doesn't command to do, human's duty is keep passion of learning and solve problem as much as human can finish, remember this; if we think like the universe, we will not get frustrated to lose a lot of possessions because the universe will supply what human need to manifest what they really want, starting today, please stop acting so small and learn how to give more, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.