Surrender is not a weakness, it kind of practice to trust towards higher source

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “surrender is not weakness, the reason why I say such thing because it kind of practice our trust towards to the higher source”, as human being, we have different capacity and limited time, the main reason why we must surrender the result to Almighty God because human aren't entitled to know about future, human being belong to a social creature, there is no man can succeed alone, they need higher source to fulfill what they really requiresurrender the outcome to God is the only strategy how to increase human's enthusiastic, optimistic and lower sense of depression, but before we surrender the outcome to higher source, every human being is demanded to make the valuable effort, stay focus to what people can do until they know about their own capacity and limitation, here is the reason why we still need to make preparation every day because life is teaching human how to endure opportunity and responsibility, if there is no decent preparation, opportunity is gone, the more people know about their own capacity and limitation, the more they focus how to do and they will learn how to appreciate Almighty God's work, remember this; surrender has different meaning with giving up, surrender is like practicing the individual's mental strength in order to endure responsibility and how to recognize the human's capacity and limitation, whereas giving up is unable to see opportunity, stop making progress, less initiative, less productive, lack of passion, lack of hope, loss a sense of enthusiasm, and eventually they lack of appreciation, life will give its respond once it receives something from human’s hard work, faith, patience and intelligence, remember this; when there is no surrender, life will not give as the best result as human's hope, but life will work based on by its program.

       No matter how much tough times we need to finish something, there is always something bigger that we can’t finish right now, I don't say it's obstacles where it is trying to prevent us to finish something, but it needs the period of time to progress, life will work at maximum level as long human practice to stay focus, commitment, and consistency to what human hope, human still need higher source to finish what they can't finish, I have ever heard from the wise word “every great thing takes time to complete”, means, there is no perfection in this life system because life happens based on a period of time to learn and to progress, i.e. the pregnant women need at least 9 month to give birth a baby, means, baby needs progress to complete a period of time, I think we can’t break the life’s rule based on our time prediction, although we have nine women pregnant right now, they can’t give birth a baby within one month because a period of time calculation is not authorized by nine women pregnant, we need to be patience and we obey the game of life, if we don’t obey every challenge’s rule where it is provided by God, we will get distressed and lose self-respect because we don’t respect what God rule to us, here what I believe; as long as there is life, there is hope, life will not stay in silence, it keeps pushing itself to work hard and human can’t interfere the process, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.