The ego is a veil is carried by complacency to draw stupidity

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “the ego is a veil is carried by complacency to draw stupidity”, the purpose why I choose this topic because ego is not good for human because it will teach people how to behave arrogant, we should beware about what ego offers to us because there many temptations which try to put us down to the despair, ego can't create benefit, except loss, sometimes our ego blocks the power of thinking process during we make new decision, our ego always tells us to do something risky without considering the dark side which it’s hidden from us, we can betray our ego as long as we have an attainable goal, we need to ensure our ego can’t measure what we aim something, it’s strategy how to create differentiation between bleak future and bright future, in order to immobilize ego's growing process, we need to work not for money, but work for learning, if we follow our ego, it's trying to stop us reaching higher purpose, as I told “the ego is a veil is carried by complacency to draw stupidity”, as long as we prefer being complacent than being studious, ego is ready to block our vision, and ego will make us feeling doubt about what we are doing, maybe you still remember about the popular mythology where it says “life begins at forty”, it's ego's whisper, it’s not part of independence skill, if you think you can do something different at thirty years old, why would you spend your time to wait until your age begins at 40 years old?

An Ego creates unproductive habit

      Please don’t listen ego which it’s rewarding you with a shortcut method, easiest way or instant happiness because it is part of strategy how to develop the feeling of procrastination, remember this; our time is the most irreplaceable stuff in this life, ego is always playing innocent when there is accident happening to us, ego can’t help us to solve problem and ego can’t create a productive habit, starting today; we need to pursue the problem in order to break our ignorance towards enlightenment, we need to set target “within 1 day there is 1 problem must be solved”, if we have new habit such thing, our ego will decrease its power and it will start to support our command, here is my advice; if you think your ego will not increase your knowledge or capacity, you must fight it by doing something that your ego hates it so much, such as reading activity, making research, seeking the truth, here is the formula for improving your daily habit; ego equals stupidity, progress equals wise, no matter how many failures you attempted to get result, it's better than most people who don’t attempt to make failure because wealth is not asking you how many successful story you have but wealth is asking you how many failure you have endured, wise decision is not coming from good experience, but it is coming from bad experience, whereas ego is coming from stagnant experience, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.