The secret of happiness is flowing something, not forcing them

        Hi smart people, howdy? Hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “the secret of happiness is flowing something, not forcing them”, the meaning of that topic is happiness can be developed when we donate our benefit to others, if we don't, we stop flowing of the happiness, the reason why I choose that topic because most people spend their lives to seek something for happiness, as far I as I observed in social life, very few people know how to create happiness because most people are waiting the moment of happiness, remember this note; happiness is like the having passion, it can't be found, but it can be created by developing the productive habit at least 21 days in order to aspire something different in the human's life story, if people consider happiness lies in the worldly stuff, they are not going to be happy because the life system is going to crush everything static like the worldly stuff, remember this; life system is always flowing and dynamic, not in static, if you tell me the happiness lies in the money, I am sure your money is not going to be worthy because the money doesn’t recognize the happiness state, the purpose of money is not used to buy something worthy, but it is created to facilitate human how to buy something only, please don't let the money fulfill your happiness because money is static, if you just focus how to pursue the money, your mentality strength will be undeveloped, you must fulfill your happiness with knowledge because knowledge is true gift from God,

      You don’t need to focus about the secret of happiness, you just need to focus what you can do for your future, remember this note every time you run your time, your future really needs you and your past doesn’t need you, your future is like the painting in the canvas, you can't see how worthy you are until you draw your vision to create something valuable in this life until your draw in the canvas tells you that you deserve to get true happiness, if you can't see yourself in your future's canvas because you are afraid to take risk, your life is worthwhile when you try something you don't know, true happiness lies within something what you develop internally every day, it’s not happened automatically, here are I give you an example how to flow something you have had in your life, such as you teach other people how to make their lives journey more valuable than they ever got, you try to solve other people’s problem, you teach other people how to make the universe works for human, you give consulting to other people who don’t recognize their internal problems, you are doing charity to the weakness people, those are signs how to flow something you have been granted by God, if you can pass the life's challenge, as result you can handle your stress, once you can handle your stress for long period of time, you can handle your success, when you preserve it, the money will approach you endlessly, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.