There is nothing heavier in the scale than good character

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “there is nothing heavier in the scale than good character”, the meaning of that topic is we will never get something valuable in the scale than having good character, the reason why having good character is the most important thing in this life because it will determine what is going to happen towards the human’s destiny in the future, if we talk about the purpose of success, it is not intending to make people to be proud, but it is going to change people's habit, if habit will not change, success will not come, the more you pursue the success, the more you lose your value, but if you embrace responsibility, the more you get opportunity to shape your success's value, success is meaningless if we intend to fulfill our happiness, if there is no having good character, there is no guarantee how to have a powerful magnetizing effect on the reward, remember this note; if people don't possess something like what the universe possesses such as good characters, as result, people are not going to have something they deserved, if you practice to make new habit at least 40 days, you will feel different and you will be pursued by the universe’s character, such as the law of creation, if you possess that law, you will be trained by the universe character how to shape your own specialty through your hobby and you will be trained directly how to have sense of uniqueness, once you possess the power of uniqueness, there is nobody else will try to copy your uniqueness because you become the master of your own fate, as human being, by using the strength of character can create differentiation between what you do and what most people won’t do.

        The more you have sense of uniqueness to your character, the less you have the competition, here I give you several tips how to make big difference in your character, here is the first tip you need to do for building good character: you have dream, if you commit to develop your dream, your life will be impressing to other people who have no dream, the more you have higher purpose in your dream, the more people will talk about you and many of them will envy about what you have, I think the dream you have now is going to inspire other people around you if you accomplish your dream, here is the second tip you need to do for building good character: doing some charity, if you accustom yourself by doing some charity, you will be remembered by other people because kindness will stick together with human's emotional, besides that, your name, your reputation, your legacy will be remembered as the living man with  a life worth remembering, here is the third tip you need to do for building good character: take care of the environment, if you nurture the environment, then your life will be nurtured by Almighty God, besides that, the environment you care with is going to make your character is stronger than the problem, remember this note; the more you care, the stronger you will be”, don’t be afraid to get a loss after you care something or someone else because whatever you care is going to be your future's investment, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.