There is a sun within every person

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “there is a sun within every person”, means, every single person has different ability to teach other people how to detect the blind spot and help people to get out from the darkness soul, some people believe “ignore the blind spot is bliss”, so according to that statement, I don’t agree, if people don’t have any concern about their own blind spot, as result they become arrogant, they are trapped in long regret and they will not get the meaningful life, in order to get other people's sun, we need people who are trustworthy because those people’s existence will help us to detect our blind spot, remember; problem is like the darkness, we can’t escape from the darkness unless we get the enlightenment from people’s mentoring, besides that, we need tough experience and having many failures to get near the truth, in my opinion; building a good community is the only one strategy how to give chance to highlight everybody’s sun, besides that, people who join the community, at least they can share what they know how to make ideas and solve other people's problem within that community, remember this note; we can’t light our darkness without borrowing the sun from other people’s life experience, nobody will get success alone, appreciating other people’s life experience is the major key how to enlighten our darkness and break our ignorance.

         You may ask me “how to find the reliable person who wants to borrow his power of sun to highlight my darkness area?”, here is the answer; After you enlightened other people’s darkness by sharing your power of sun, such as expertise, knowledge, vision, good experience, talent and ingenuity, in addition; you must accept your limitation if you want other people will lend their power of sun to you, if you reject to learn about the truth, you indirectly block the power of sun to shine your limitation, don’t just believe "ignorance is bliss", if you think that’s true, you probably can’t detect your own problem forever, the reason why we need to borrow other people’s sun because it's too dangerous if we live into our darkness without preparation, don't let the darkness will trap us and lead us going to the regret area because that circumstance will contact the evil thing or negativity, remember; not all our knowledge can be applied to solve our problem because there is an ego within us, every human’s ego can create the mental block and also it can create bigger comfort zone, so we need to use the power of sun from other people to rescue us from the power of negativity, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.