Too much light can blind you, you need the darkness for balance

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “too much light can blind you, you need the darkness for balance”, the meaning of that topic; this life has offered two things to human being “positive and negative”, the light can be represented by the power of positive thinking, whereas the darkness can be represented by the power of negative thinking, if you can comprehend between positive's purpose and negative's purpose, actually both can become useful resources if you know how to use it wisely, sometimes the negative thinking can become the negative anticipation when there is something unorthodox which it's trying to harm your existence and also the negative anticipation can help us to prevent sense of anger which it shown up by our mistake, there’s wise word says “darkness is no longer become negative when we stick it by having negative anticipation”, in this life, we can’t depend our lives completely to the light only because the power of thinking can’t be utilized when we face with the crime or the unprecedented disaster or life crisis, the power of thinking should be utilized when the circumstance shows negativity and the positive thinking is good to use when we got the patience test or we endure temperance test, when we face something beyond of self-control, we should observe by using the negative anticipation or we lend the power of darkness, so this strategy can help us to minimize the disappointment and increase our power of focus towards goal.

       Imagine when there is no darkness, our eyes goes blind because we are unable to see the bright light, we need the balance with the darkness in order to reduce the light’s bad effect which is produced by the light radiation, it’s the same goes with human's thinking in reality, we can’t utilize the power of positive thinking once we get rejection or failure, we should plain to fail in order to prevent the worse failure which is coming to us in the future, so once the darkness comes to be alive, all we need to do is we stay focus with daily goal, remember; the stars can't shine without darkness, means there is no hope when there is no working hardhere is the clue how to distinguish between the light and the darkness's purpose; when there is no positive thing around, we use the power of negative thinking to discover the truth, when there is no negative thing, we use the power of positive thinking to help others, so we can’t sell our trust to everyone by saying “ I trust you completely”, if we apply this strategy in reality, our eyes goes blind and we will get disappointed because we let newcomer to destroy something valuable from us, such as happiness or reputation, sometimes we need to impersonate like the security guard, we shouldn’t open the gate once we meet with newcomer, before newcomer enters the gate, we need to know the reason why newcomer wants to open the gate, if someone doesn’t have strong reason to open the gate, maybe he is trying to cheat or swindle you, once you allow newcomer enters the gate, make sure you do checking him thoroughly, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.