What hurts you, it blesses you, and darkness is your candle

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “what hurts you, it blesses you and darkness is your candle”, the meaning of that topic is every suffering in this life is not designed to kill you, but it gives you a different point of view how to upgrade your version by unlearning your old version, if you feel something hurt in your mind because you love to procrastinate something more important, that's the side effect you spend your major time for minor purpose, if you think act of waiting is good for you, you catch the wrong train because the great thing in this life can't be waited, you must pursue something which it deserves you, such as knowledge and mistake, if you keep waiting uncertain thing, means, your mind will be fueled with unmotivated purpose, here is the best thing to do how to reduce the pain is making the pain doesn't deserve you, such as you decide what you want to do with clear mind and ask yourself "what kind of problem I can solve every day".

        It doesn't matter how much pain which it hurts you now, it deserves you because you are chosen to get the lesson from what you choose, remember; if you are blessed to face problem now, means, you are ready to take lesson from it although you think you aren't ready at that timeif you think you are blamed because you do something wrong, means, you are blessed with new knowledge, at this moment let me share something to you how to use the darkness as candle and how to turn the pain into power, here is what you can do if you want to use the darkness as candle; beware of what you speak because it becomes your action, beware of what you behave because it becomes your habit and beware of your character because it becomes your destiny, if you think your speaking way will hurt someone else, you can practice your mind “what if I will be treated by other people with unpleasant treatment”, please be kind to other people like you treat yourself with kindness, so don’t use your temper to hurt yourself because it can invite the darkness to join with your bad tempered.

          The darkness can guide you how to focus and solve the problem as long as you don’t fuel your emotion with bad tempered, do you know why bad tempered needs to be detained in subconscious mind? Because bad tempered often gives a bad influence and it creates some destruction in reality, besides that, bad tempered can’t make yourself comfortable, you can’t heal your problem with bad tempered, it gets you more hurt, there is no time to complain everything what you can accept, sometimes we can't avoid what we can accept because it part of grace of God, please train your mind how to embrace with something hurt you, such as betrayal, broken heart, bankruptcy, slander, adversity, delay, failure, mistake, misfortune and many other negative thing, now let me give you a question, do you know why you need to learn from the dark side on earth because all life systems are designed to make you stronger ever, if you think the pain is not good, why would God put the pain to the most beloved subject, such as prophets?

      Life is not offering whether there is something positive or negative purpose, it depends on how we think about it, the quality of thoughts will determine whether our life purpose is good or bad, sometimes the bad experience can teach us how to become wise man, we must become the man of action if we want to know the purpose of living on earth, if we don’t take the life’s challenge, life will put the barrier in our mind and we will get hard thing during we do something in daily life because we lack of perseverance and lack of direction, here is the purpose of living is discovering the sign of God’s creation, following God’s command and admitting that every human can’t finish something without God’s grace, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.