When you feel a peaceful joy, you are near truth

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “when you feel a peaceful joy, you are near truth”, the meaning of that topic is the truth will lead you how to create feeling a peaceful joy if you follow the natural's law, there is no better way how to approach the truth than doing good deed, if there is someone claims that he already found the truth, means, he succeeds to leave his comfort zone and he breaks his ignorance through embrace the obstacles, remember thiswe can't create happiness if  there is no progress, so if there is no any progress, there is no mistake, if there is no mistake, there is no self-improvementhere is the fact; life insisted us to do something we don't really like to do because life needs the human's major emotional discomfort to meet with the truth, maybe you will ask me, why life needs our major emotional discomfort because there is no growth zone if we stay in emotional comfort zone, there is nothing can define about the truth except God and His creation such as the universe, that's reason why God insist us to learn the universe's rule because that's the truth, remember this note ; the truth can’t be created by any human being and it can’t be created by accidentally, but unfortunately many people break the universe's law, as result they go to the wrong way and they are trapped in the circle of hell such as hatred, anger, and regret, if we talk about the truth, we can’t compare the purpose between the truth and feeling of joy because the truth is unlimited whereas joy is restricted by time, true happiness is not against the natural law whereas fake happiness is against the natural’s law, now you see the difference between both.

     Truth happiness needs hard work, perseverance, faith, endurance, courage, commitment, ingenuity, discipline and consistency whereas, fake happiness always offers an instant happiness, besides that, fake happiness gives you a sweet promise where it convinces you to act according to what fake happiness wants from you and fake happiness always promises something where it is not happening yet in reality, please beware about someone or something where it offers something easily because they will push you to believe something which it isn't happened yet,  so you must observe about the negative preparation, besides that, the truth can't be manipulated with something in this world because the truth is eternal and the truth will sweep something goes wrongfeeling peaceful joy can be shaped through strong evidence, knowledge, true faith and self-awareness, although human can design something, it doesn’t mean human can create something miraculously, if human want to be invited by the truth and stay together with truth, human must leave the stagnant belief such as emotional comfort zone, besides that, truth can’t be reached by having a lot of money or having a lot of possessions, remember this note; truth will lead you to the grace of God and truth can buy something for human’s serenity whereas the world can’t buy for serenity, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.