You need nothing to be happy, you need something to be sad

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “you need nothing to be happy, you need something to be sad”, the meaning of that topic is when human have a lot of demand for something bigger than their capacity, it can become the biggest factor why people get sad, I don't consider this condition is normal, but when you have a lot of interest, you have to balance it with your skill and preparation, don't fuel your mind with obsession and demand, unless you want your demands become your nightmare, I have seen a lot of people get sad not because they have problem but they don't know how to escape from self-demand towards obsession, the problem why people get sad is not caused by people's lacking of intelligence, but the main problem is people lack of self-demand to do something valuable, here is the key how to make yourself to be happy; make a list about what kind of specialty you can develop with and how much time you need to develop your specialty, if you focus to what you are capable of, you will be easier to detect what kind of demand you need to fulfill your desire, please beware with a lot of interest, sometimes they can become delusion or dysphoria, here is the physic formula you need to apply; the more you demand something, the more you need hard working to fulfill it, before your demand becomes top urgent or priority, you would better ask yourself “what kind of preparation I have to do right now before my demand becomes urgent”?

       I don't prohibit you to desire a lot of demand, before your desire demands you to manifest it into reality, you have to learn how to endure the pain of losing if you want to get something you desired, in my opinion, happiness and sadness are reflected to your temperance, you must tie your emotional intelligence to the clear goal if you want to be happy, do you know why? because, your happiness state is reflected from the problem you overcome constantly, here is the reason why I say such thing, the more problem you overcome, the more you are near the truth, the world  doesn't need savior, but the world needs responsibility, life is created is not intended to make people to be sad, but life is created to facilitate what human need to do before they will face insurmountable problem, if you don’t how to make your life is happy, how you can treat people to be happy, so you have to fuel your teapot with happiness first before you can pour something to the empty cup, if you understand with that, you will not do something dangerous for your internal happiness, here is the key how to develop happiness; asking yourself with this question “what kind of problem that I can develop for my longevity happiness?” so make sure every day you pursue that problem until you master it, your high career can be developed based on the problem you could solve, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.  


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