9 things more important than money

     Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “9 things more important than money”, the reason why I choose that topic because not everyone knows how to treat their mental health well, they consider money is everything, as result they don’t care about their longevity happiness and they become what they always pursue, remember this note; if you just pursue the money and consider it as your ultimate motivation, your personality is going to be the money’s characteristic and you will work like the money forever, as we know that money’s characteristic is always influencing people to behave stagnant and recession, once people will work like what the money does, people can't do something more than they always do, if this condition is repeated over and over again, it will become habit, when people have the money habit, money will push people very hard to work until people die with silent desperation, in this article I will share something valuable to break your ignorance as well as your ego, there are 9 things more important than money, here is the first thing more important than money; time, it’s part of irreplaceable thing in this world because time will never go backward when it's already running forward and time is unchangeable from the previous position, means, this is a big chance that we need to do something new because all the things are in the world would be pointless if there is no time, if we just focus to work for the money today, time will not pay us with extraordinary payment in the future.

     Here is the second thing more important than money; endurance, the main reason I consider endurance is the second important thing because it will be able to grow our mental strength if we are trapped in the tough times, if our mentality is stronger than our expectation, we will be a life game changer because we can make our perception becomes realitywe can't possess the power of endurance unless we do something we hate it, like doing daily practice in tough times, taking risk, learn from mistake, accept rejection as stepping stone, surrender the result to God, persistence to goal, stay consistent in movement, discipline in time, and keep progress our masterpiece, here is the third thing more important than money; knowledge, when we apply it through our full time job, we will get more good experience rather than sense of joy because our knowledge will determine what we look for in the future, here is the fourth thing more important than money; problem, if we don’t love to pursue the problem, our paid is not much higher than we are usually get paid, the more problem we solve, the more fortune we will collect, please don’t hate with the problem because it’s part of God’s education, if we put our sense of love to pursue problem, the unlimited wealth comes to us automatically, here is fifth thing more important than money; having good personalitythis is important because it will define our destiny, here I quoted from the holy book, "if you do the good deed, it is for yourself, if you do the bad thing, it is for yourself, the good deed will look for someone who does good deed and the evil thing will look for someone who does the evildoer".

      Here is the sixth thing more important than money; ingenuity, when we practice our ingenuity every single day, the universe will lend us the power of attraction and we will be able to create the masterpiece by our own version, here is the seventh thing more important than money; faith, if we don’t have strong faith, our mind can’t construct an idea and then what we manifest will be futile because we don’t believe about what we do, to increase our faith, we must practice it by looking for inspiration, leaving an ego and seeking the truth to cure our mental pain or suffering, please don't get lost in our pain because one day our pain will become the mental cure for everybody in this world, here is the eighth thing more important than money; obsession, the reason why we must have obsession because it will become GPS which it connects between our future and our present time, if we don't have GPS in our mind, we will perplex about what we do and our focus will lose its strength from time to time, here is the ninth thing more important than money; courage, if we have enough courage, we won’t fear about risk or challenge anymore because we enjoy with the process and we keep growing our quality in our career, remember this; our courage will be decreasing by itself when we lack of self-discipline, lack of daily practice, lack of self-taught, lack of knowledge, lack of failure and lack of reason, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.