A lie has speed but truth has endurance

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “A lie has speed but truth has endurance”, the meaning of that topic is telling a lies offers sweet promise but truth offers the endurance to tolerate the mental pain and suffering, basically we don’t need to lie when we want to have anything in this life because there is no cheating mode in the life systemthe nature works based on the purpose, not based on ego, that's why the nature takes immediate action because it knows there is something bigger will happen if it keeps working, if nature delays to work, there is big disaster will happen in the life system, that’s the truth, now if you feel insecure or you may think you are hurt by something unknown, means, you don't dare to take full responsibility to your life, remember this note; every nature has responsibility, so do human either, now you can imagine, what’s will happen if oxygen will delay during entering your nose, as result you will suffer suffocating, I just want to remind you “don’t believe with easy process which it is stated "how to get instant success", because it is against the natural law, "there is no instant success in this life, every thing needs time calculation, we are not entitled to determine something happened in this life unless we take responsibility to fulfill what life standard wants from us”we don’t need to be great when we want to start something, we are just asked  by life to prepare something because life will offer something hard when your provision is not enough.

         Life will not work like what human do in this life where human will work based on their pleasure only whereas life works based on responsibilityno wonder many people are suffered during beginning their career because they don’t follow the natural’s law where it teaches human how to have a high pain tolerance during facing the problem rather than telling lie  and making sweet promise to speed up the career growth, we don’t need to cheat for achieving something great because life works based on time calculation, if there is miscalculation, life will be ending, so there is no more room for cheating or telling lie for long period of time, you must obey the natural law if you want to increase your self-worth and have a good career, remember this note; there is no failure as long as you are still alive on earth, it doesn’t matter whether you have made failures in the past, your future is still new, don’t just get tricked with self-doubt and self-blaming, all you want something in this life has been implanted within your soul, you just need to practice and make progress, it’s simple, am I right? Your life has the same meaning with other people’s lives, don’t hate something you don’t know, don’t curse your own life as if there was no future, there is no bad or good thing in this life, every judgment is coming from personal perception, not the nature's mood, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.