Be lotus flower, the dirty water doesn’t mess up the lotus flower

the lotus flower needs the dirty water to be beautiful scenery

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “be lotus flower, the dirty water doesn’t mess up the lotus flower”, the meaning of that topic is the lotus flower indicates a person who is being able to behave resilient although he is surrounded by negativity, living as the lotus flower needs strong belief and tough experience, if our existence is like the lotus flower, we need to learn how to discipline between our heart and mind to balance, it takes several years to shape resilient in our mentality, that's our weapon to against injustice in lifethe only way how to make a new change within our personality is we must adapt with daily adversity, daily temptation and daily rejection, if we are not willing to learn how to adapt with three of them, we will be drowned with our own negativity, as result, our character will be glued with self-doubt, insecure, fear and regret, starting today, whether we like it or not, we must learn something from the lotus flower’s philosophy, it says "the lotus flower doesn't lose its beautiful look although it is surrounded by dirty water, the lotus flower grows from the dirty water and it can defend themselves from the shitty experience in long period of time", as human being, we can’t escape from negativity, we only learn to adapt with it, remember this note; sometimes we need our darkness to find the light, our light will be futile if it is not be used to shine our darkness, we should stay hunger in knowledge if we want to be wise and rich, the light is represented by knowledge whereas the darkness is represented by self-ignorance.

       If we look at the lotus flower, it can survive from the dirty water and it needs the living energy from the dirty water, so the lotus flower’s philosophy teaches us that every single of us can’t escape from the darkness of life until we find some tactics how to accept the darkness of life as stepping stone, the key how to create different result in life is willingly to learn something quickly and being ready person who can accept any consequences, the problem we face now is most of us put our major focus to the wrong direction and false belief, it's not solution, we shouldn’t focus on the obstacles no matter how hard it is, staying focus on goal is kind of exit strategy how to conquer the poverty situation and difficult situation, if we just focus on the obstacles, there is always additional unknown problem  and it will overtake our potential energy, as result, we will not get what we aimed, except we get regret from what we have lost, the focused mind always find a way to get out from the mind barrier although it takes long period, remember this note; problem doesn’t need to be understood by you, problem just helps you how to fix your mindset until you can develop your potential and it will be your masterpiece in the future, if you try to understand your problem, you will be pessimistic and you will suffer as well, all you need to do is prepare your worst plan and maximize your potential by making good service for others, whether others don’t care about what you do is not important, the most important thing is your good service must be ready to be used up when the crisis comes, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.