Be realistic, plan for a miracle

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “be realistic, plan for miracle”, the meaning of that topic is we must not think about expectation if it doesn't fit with our current standard, reality is created to reject our current standard, so we need to remove our standard if it doesn't fit with reality, besides that, we can't escape from reality until we plan something bigger for the miracle, when our time says we have to work, we must show our dedication on it, stop expecting about what we are going to have in the future and start appreciating about something we have nowwe must plan to fail at something we don't know yet if we really want to borrow something magnificent from the future because the miracle is lies in the future, we can’t welcome miracle without fulfilling what the miracle wants something from us at the present time, we must be serious when we make a deal with the miracle because the miracle really hates with perfectionist, the only thing we can do for miracle is keep working about what we are passionate to do and stop making the grand assumption about higher expectation than our standard, we can’t push the miracle happens unless we plan it and execute it into our daily practice, we will never be a wise person unless we keep behaving like what the realist always does in reality, such as accepting new day as opportunity to raise our standard, the miracle is like the energy's working principle, “the energy will flow as long as there is void space and there is movement within it”, as long as human empty their ego and learn something new, the miracle happens.

the realist likes to accept his own flaw rather than judging something bad

     Basically the miracle needs human's knowledge to run the human's destiny, knowledge is designed to teach people how to empty their mind from ego, the more ego human have, the less knowledge they have, the reason why we need to leave our ego because it always teaches us to become unrealistic person, that's key, some people say getting the miracle is hard, but it has nothing to do with person who has greatest enthusiasm, if you are part of an enthusiast of the miracle, you will not stop working until the miracle is worked, remember this; if there is no hard working, there is no miracle will happen, if the miracle stop working, the human's life journey will not work as it should be, now you have an option; whether you keep working for the miracle or you let the disaster will come to you unexpectedly, if you work for the miracle, the miracle will work for you unquestionablydon't let something you can't deal with is going to interfere what you can do for the miracle, you must dare to take risk if the miracle really works for you, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.