Body will not become weak as long as the intention is strong

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “body will not become weak as long as the intention is strong”, the meaning of that topic is we will never get failed as long as we aim high purpose, but if we see in reality, some people give up easily when they touch with new challenge, the reason why people give up easily because they too obsess about result and they don't appreciate the learning process, that's why most people prefer to take easy work in career than taking risk or challenge, remember this note; every new challenge is designed to give human a golden way how to build sense of optimistic in career, not to make bad disaster, we can’t get better result when we just focus on the obstacle, whether we like it or not, we must acknowledge every obstacles is coming from our expectation and expectation is coming from lack of grateful, we must get rid of obstacle first, if you consider your body is weak to going to work at company, you must find a job where it is suitable with your personality or hobby, don’t let external circumstance kills your internal world such as serenity, perception, knowledge and passion, now what else do we need to prepare before our body is going to be weak, the first thing; 1. Higher purpose, the reason why we need to have higher purpose because it can differentiate between money-oriented character and purpose-oriented character, during we have higher purpose, our endurance will taste painful experience in tough times, now you may ask this question “why we need to taste painful experience in tough times because it is guarantee to block our sense of arrogant which is going to show at any time”, we must pass the suffering test if we want to live prospering on earth, it’s requirement.

       Having higher purpose is the only way how to measure our endurance during facing new adversity and how to know our usefulness on earth, if we have such question in our mindset, we mustn’t have an ego because what we think now is not about us, but it is talking about how to create harmony in human relationship, remember this; you and I are staying in the same boat, we call it as the planet earth, we can’t get happiness when we just prioritize our ego, we must respect each other and help each other with different talents, our boat will be drowning us if we just think about our ego, now here is question, what are we going to do by having higher purpose in the rest of our life? We are going to help people how to make better life such as help people how to raise their standard, help people how to solve their problem, help people how to manifest their dream into reality, help people to be grateful and accept all consequences in life and offering many positive things to others, here is the additional note; our body may become old and weak but our intention to create the legacy will be permanent on earth, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.