Courage is a love affair with the unknown

The purpose of courage is preventing the more disaster and create higher value

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “courage is a love affair with the unknown”, the meaning of that topic is courage is not happening based on the circumstance happens to you, but courage is happening by what we sacrifice for pursuing more valuable thing than our current standard, I believe everybody has courage, but not everyone knows how to delegate their power of courage because some of them use their courage for their own behalf, now I understand the main reason why courage can't help people for creating a better future because the courage's level has no self-esteemwe can't use the power of courage unless we have enough reason to make a new change, the real power of courage will not be active when we use it to demand something from externally, the courage's power will create profound insight when we do it for other people's kindness, besides that, courage must be measured by logical thinking, do not let courage determines something without knowing the riskcourage is not symbol how to create new decision, but courage is kind of tolerance which it can push the hard times to work at what human need, using courage to deal with life challenge is not enough, if we take action by skipping the step of learning, our courage is futile, here is the real product of courage; producing self-resilience, endurance and dedication, if we are not ready to fight for what we want, we must be ready to regret for what we lost, here is the additional note; life is not just talking about the personal care, but life is talking about how to survive in the restricted time.

the purpose of courage is willing to endure pain in every single day 

       Some people believe life is hard, but if we know it will create a better creation, we will not complain when life is hard,  if life stops adapting and stop servicing, means, every creature which stays in this life would perish, remember this; we don’t need to know how the universe works for us, we are just being asked to trust the process and not interfere how the universe works, now you may have question “why do I need to accelerate my life plan by showing hard work and courage?” because your future destination is more important than your current complacent, if your future's destination isn't made yet, your life will distress, now imagine that your future's life is like the mansion, you can’t stay in the mansion until you have finished the mansion’s building design at present, to complete the mansion, you need courage, plan and hard work to manifest it, am I right? that's real challenge, if you are not interested to work hard now, your complaining is useless because your courage is not strong enough to use, if you want your life will give you the sanctuary you must focus to work what you aimed and do immediate act before your patience is losing its confidence, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.