Do what you must do rather than what is permitted by yourself

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “do what you must do rather than what is permitted by yourself", the meaning of that topic is every change needs sacrificing, every change needs obligation, the main reason why make a new change is a must because life keeps evolving from time to time, remember this; getting started something although you don't master is better than waiting any help from other people, the simple way how to break your complacent zone is don't tolerate any distraction to come closer to you easily, you must punish yourself when you tolerate everything happens to your circumstancesometimes you need to learn more failure rather than learning nothing, once you learn more, you get something infinitely, if people say life is very hard because human permit their responses to welcome every circumstance and they prefer to work with no challenging, as human being, we are limited by space, time and movement, we can’t allow everything around us is going to near us because we are limited by our capacityif we permit our reaction to touch any distraction constantly, our life journey will not change at all, it’s called the midlife crisis, so we must train our mind to have the laser-focus and let the energy is going to flow into something what we do daily.

        Sometimes in order to manifest something intangible into something existence, we must dare to promise not to giving up in every situationdon’t let tomorrow's time begins without we buckle down what we are good at today, our chance is very limited, don’t let the chance will get away from our capabilitieswe need to limit our focus area first, so we let our focus will work at maximum level, now here is the strategy how to fill up your daily activity with focus energy; don’t permit any distraction will get in the way of your working situation, don’t give your serious time will be overtaken by your indecision, if I may review a bit regard with group of people’s habit in society, they permit everything around them is getting closer to them, such as making chit chat when there is problem, they idle away in the nightclub every week, hang out with friend almost every day,as result, they forget about the essential of living and they are risking their life  by facing the crisis of self-confidence, if you want to know whether your life is considered to be important or not, you can look at your influence around you, if your life can't create the masterpiece, your life has no value at all, so you must ensure your social circle and your environment can bring a good influence to you, in my opinion; knowing about the life purpose is top priority list in this life, you must find inspiration until the life passion chooses you to do something great, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.