How to avoid toxic situations

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “how to avoid toxic situations”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone knows how to avoid toxic situation, some of them surrender into reality and some of them fight against toxic situation by staying away from the source, now here I have one question to you, if toxic situation happens every day, what you are going to do?, you must understand not all darkness can blind people, some people get blinded with self-ignorance and those people who put themselves in toxic situation because they blind themselves with less productive habit and they allow themselves to put into toxic situation without having strong mentally preparation, if you think toxic situation can blind people, why there are some people can handle toxic situation without complaining about it because they have lighted up their head with super competitive knowledge, so if we don't want to live in toxic situation, don't ever say "why this situation always happens to me?", but you would better ask yourself "why I allow my power of focus to stay in toxic situation"remember this note; toxic situation happens because it was still connected by what human did in the past, unfortunately they didn’t want to change their habit, so toxic situations will continue to live.

       Toxic situation is just like the dirty water and the fishes will swim in the dirty water without being killed with the dirty water as long as they keep swimming and they don’t stop to stay resilient, if people want to come across new path of life, people must adapt with negativity like the fishes which swim across the dirty water, so basically negativity will not hit human’s peace as long as human learn not to focus on the source of toxic, here is the fact; there is nobody can escape from toxic situation as long as people keep living on earth, toxic situation is just the life's challenge, it is unable to kill human's life journey, toxic situation will not influence to human mind as long as they are willing to change their perception and stop expecting, there are 3 ways how to calm our mind from toxic situation, 1. Change toxic situations with courage, new influence and authority, 2. Try to adapt with toxic situations by changing our perception and keep patience until the toxic situation ends by itself, 3. Stay away from toxic situation and will not be back until the toxic situation will change, sometimes the biggest obstacle on earth to living peacefully is making expectation and stop evolving.

        Some people disagree with toxic situation existence and they hate with it because they worry that toxic situation will give bad influence to the next generation, but believe me, as long as we keep our godliness firmly every day, it will neutralize toxic situation automatically, remember this note; bad influencer job is creating toxic situation to the people around him, bad influencer comes from someone who lacks of self-discipline, lack of endurance, lack of godliness and lack of honorable, now I give you the several tips how to avoid toxic situation; 1. We must increase our mental strength by learning new thing like reading book, finding challenging hobby, 2. Don’t avoid the risk but learn how to stay resilient when the problem comes frequency in human's activity, 3. Give a good influence to people not nearing to the source of toxic situations, remember this note; if God allows toxic situations will happen to human, means, toxic situation will strengthen human’s endurance, we don’t need to measure how far we can get through toxic situations, if human deserve to get toxic situation because God knows human have strong endurance to neutralize toxic situation, only our ignorance will kill our own selves, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.