How to make your life simpler and happier

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “how to make your life simpler and happier”, the reason why I choose that topic because not all people can apply it in reality, besides that, most people don’t concern how to make the path for happiness and they just demand the happiness would be fit with their situation, that’s why many people can’t get happiness because they don't realize what they behave so far doesn't fulfill with what happiness requires, here is the major problem why people can’t make their life is simpler and happier because they expect something higher than their own capacity, here is my suggestion; before people want to be happy, people must build the basic foundation such as dedication, commitment, clear purpose, problem solving and discipline, maybe you have question "why does happiness need those characteristic?" because it's the natural law, here is the note to remind you; if there is no dedication, as result there is no commitment, if there is no commitment, as result there is no progress, if there is no progress, as result there is no achievement, if there is no achievement, as result there is no happiness, that's the series program how to build longevity happiness in long period of time.

        Most people think gratitude is the only way how to make their life happier, but showing gratitude is not enough to create happiness, happiness must consider human’s preparation, if there is no preparation, as result there is no future, if there is no future, as result there is desperation, if people are desperate, as result they have no hope, when there is no hope, the darkness comes to human's soul, my conclusion “when there is no preparation so far, there is no hope can be expected”, here I give you another strategy how to build happiness, "the more you can endure something unpleasant, the happiness will approach you, the more you can't endure something unpleasant, you will lose everything valuable such as self-respect, confidence and reputation", you can look at the bodybuilder, although people seem tiring to lift up the weight, they have goal, that's dedication, no matter how much time people need to build their body muscles, they don't seem to face the work pressure because they enjoy to endure pain and feel the tough experience, that's what happiness requires from human beingbasically person who isn’t happy is type of person who can't stand the life pressure, whereas the happy person is the type of person who can stand against the obstacles and the life pressure, the greatest obstacles to living is making higher expectation and stop appreciating every progress in life.

       The busiest person in the world is type of person who is working for money as the main purpose to live, the amount of money that people receive is part of bribe to make sure people will lose new dream, here is my suggestion; don’t just demand money to follow you because money needs purpose and value from you, the more high your value, the more money will work for you, you just need to focus how to solve your own obstacles, create good service for other people's problem and let life works for you, it's simple, happiness is path, not destination, you can get it from what is your most attractive thing in life, if your enthusiasm is tied with dream, you will be driven by the universe to find what you need and then you will plug it away in your mindset, finally you work for it, please don’t seek for happiness, but let happiness finds you, your job in this life is looking for inspiration, there are many strategies how to get inspiration, such as reading book, attending the course, learning new language, observing the nature reserve, studying about the universe’s law, learning from failure, building the human’s relationship and many other things, remember this note; not all sense of complacent can offer an interesting challenge and not all satisfaction can create longevity happiness, you must beware about the difference between satisfaction and longevity happinesshappiness can be developed through problem solving act and self-esteem, whereas, satisfaction can be developed through short term planif you can’t progress your life purpose, your happiness isn’t ready to serve you well, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.