I don’t believe in God as personage, but I believe in godliness as the highest quality lies in human character

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about I don’t believe in God as personage, but I believe in godliness as the highest quality lies in human character, the meaning of that topic is every kindness is not being used to pursue the importance of what people have, but kindness is just reflection from what I prepare in long period of time, here is the statement what I believe; God doesn’t resemble like what human always behave, but He will assist human to do something what human can't imagine, although human is being granted with specialty by God, it doesn’t mean God will be resembling like a royal personage, as human being who are limited by space, movement and time, we are being requested by God to treat other people with goodness like what God teaches us to do, now you may have question, "if God is compassionate, why does God let human suicides?" because people consider act of suicide is the worst plan to do, here is the key how to differentiate between what God plans and what Human plan to do; 1. God will not do something as long as human stop learning how to find the truth, 2. God does something as long as human are willingly to learn continuously until human put their past in the past, 3. God will ask the universe to serve what people need as long as human follow the universe's law, remember this note; don't consider God does something cruel if you do something wrong, what you receive now is reflected from what you gave in the past, your future is shaped based on what you left in the past"if you do good deeds, it will look for you, if you do bad thing, it will look for you", if God doesn’t love us, He doesn’t need to prolong our lives on earth, every lesson in this life is created to teach every human to survive and how to manifest what human desire.

        To practice godliness, we are not allowed to compare what others can do with by what we can’t do for others, every human's capacity is like the puzzle, human natural skill will be ready to be used when they have found their lost puzzle piece from other people's help, human are entitled to choose how to become the future person whether being a invaluable person or mediocre person or criminal, we can't put our godliness in our daily life until the universe law chooses the deserving attempt from human, remember this note; if you cultivate your plant with a wrong method, although you have watered them every single day, your plant will not grow up as you expected, it's same goes like human's character, your godliness will produce the valuable thing in your life if you give something valuable to others, if you don't make it, it will be disaster for youthe greatest asset in this life is not what you have now, but the greatest asset in life came from what you did continuously from the past until now, becoming good person is not shaped by instant process but it needs struggling, nurturing and consistency, If you do something wrong, it doesn’t mean God wants you to be wrong person, whereas adversity, rejection and mental suffering is life test, as long as you don’t obsess yourself with result, you will not suffer, but if you obsess how to build personal development, your suffering will disappear, here is the note you need to remember if you are being curious child, life will drive you to get what you are looking,  passion is God’s gift to do something miraculously, don’t spend your time to work for passion but let passion finds your skill and manifest something amazingly in reality,” I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.