If we postpone to do, the future’s design will never be finished

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “if we postpone to do, the future’s design will never be finished”, the meaning of that statement is our future will never happen if we created procrastination habit for long period of time, I know it’s not easy to deal with the procrastination habit because human’s mind is full of complexity, we will never know what is the future look alike unless we dare to take risk, we dare take failure and we respect about the process, the growth mindset people consider the future’s design is more important than yesterday because they consider the future offers unimaginable gift if they urge themselves to do something, whereas, the fixed mindset people are too relax to do something because they don't believe so much with the future's design, the reason why most people love to procrastinate doing something for their own future because they believe certainty is far more important than uncertaintyhere is the conclusion; people who use their left brain function more dominant, they tend to believe something certainty as life guidance, like logic, certainty and calculation.
Future is real gift

      Here is the saddest story if they keep believing with left brain function only; people will be skeptical to believe something new and they don't consider the future is real because their logic thinking keeps blocking the human's faith to manifest somethingin my opinion, people who love to procrastinate because they are too worried about the time limit and also they consider the future is like the myth, no wonder the future will not offer something important to them because they underestimate the power of time journey, remember this note; the main problem why the future’s design is not happening, it is not caused by lack of intelligence or lack of passion, but it is caused by the pain of procrastination, here is additional note; every procrastination habit produces the pain of regret, it’s dangerous thing because it psychologically harmful to the human’s mental health.

       Let me give you several tips how to stop having procrastination habit; here is the first tip; you must do what you feel passionate and ensure your activity is keeping you busy while you design your future, here is the second tip; you must have dream, good dream will inspire people to do something significant because they believe their dream will help them to create new magnificent life history, besides that, if you commit with your dream, your dream will help you to break your ego, break your ignorance, and break your unproductive habit, here is third tip; don’t surround yourself with fixed mindset people, the reason why you need to get out from the fixed mindset people because they will keep you away from your dream and they can influence you to have procrastination’s habit, here is fourth tip; imagine your future is like the penthouse building, if you don’t urge yourself to design your future penthouse, you can’t live into your future's bright story, you must use your imagination to pull the universe's law and let the universe empowers your skill and you can enjoy the process, remember this; don't create an ease satisfaction, but create long term happiness by selling the most noble profession you have on earth, if you start now, your future is ready to catch up your plan, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.