If you are not doing something crazy, you are doing the wrong thing in your career

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “if you are not doing something crazy, you are doing the wrong thing in your career”, the meaning of that topic is we can't change the future by having mediocre performance, the reason why I choose that topic is many of us are too obsessed about short term plan and we are too complacent by earning a lot of money, if what we do now can't inspire a lot of people to do better thing, our career can't create different result in long period of time, we must put what we invest in time becomes people's daily habit, good career can't create good result without being able to influence other people to do better thing first, every success must leave good legacy as well as leave good clue how to create enthusiastic people, it's key, now if people do something crazy in their career, means, they are ready to commit to exchange something valuable for their career, such as time, relentless effort, focus and energy, here is the question you need to ponder, what is difference between doing something good and doing something crazy in career?if you do something good in your career, you followed the previous rule as you do today, as result there is no innovation and there is no development can be offered, whereas, if you do something crazy in your career, you will put your focus energy all in without compromising, you keep passion of learning continuously although you succeed and you are not trapped in sense of complacent.

       The reason why we need to do something crazy because our capacity will decrease its value if we don't hone it every day and our emotional intelligence will get caught by sense of complacent, as result we will do something mediocre in career, some people consider this statement as philosophy “success is very lousy teacher because it influences people not to lose it”, the meaning of that philosophy is success is always offering the biggest comfort zone to every human so that success will block human’s skill development, the biggest enemy is our ego, ignorance and regret, please don't let three of them will stick together in your career, remember this note; people who do something good in their career because they think intellectual intelligence is more important than anything, no wonder they can’t achieve something bigger than ordinary because they limit their own perception towards success, whereas, people who do something crazy in their career not because they are not grateful what they accomplish, but they realize the opportunity can't wait them, so they must prepare something to welcome opportunity, people who are serious in business, they will use emotional intelligence to develop more skill and they deliver more value in their business rather than thinking about their sense of satisfaction about reward, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.