If you wait for life’s changing, the resistance will stop you

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “if you wait for life’s changing, the resistance will stop you”, the reason why I choose that topic because life will not compromise with its own defensive playlife will control human as long as they take not serious plan to do something for long period of time, here what I review about human’s lifestyle; most people spend their life to enjoy with their job, but unfortunately the job they have picked can’t increase their skill for long period of time, as result, their self-ignorance closed their big ego, their knowledge isn’t developing, their ingenuity isn’t attractive anymore to use, they don't have survival skill when they failed to do something, here is my conclusion; people have put their focus to the wrong job, they should choose the job which can increase their passion to learn more and people work on the problems that need their abilities to solve, that's I called the life mission, here is the truth; if you put your future to other people's plan, they don’t plan much to what you do, the more you give your future’s plan to other people’s plan, the more resistance will disappoint you, here is the additional note; you don’t need to disappoint about the result, you just need to disappoint about your lousy plan, every single person is coachable, but the major problem is not everyone is ready to get coaching, do you know what’s cause? The main cause is their own resistance is stopping them to grow better.  

      Starting today, please don’t plan something easier to do in every single day and don’t let other people plan something for you, that’s one of the biggest resistance you need to destroy, if you keep doing that, your future design can’t satisfy you, all you need to prepare is do what’s make your masterpiece is urgently required, such as providing the business coaching program, the psychology consultancy, providing the win-win solution, etc. here is the key; if your 24 hours can't increase your survival skill, you have lousy plan, don’t let life keeping you to do the same thing like the previous year’s plan, life will not treat you better if you make your own resistance, such as not prioritize your own goal, not commit with your priority list, sacrifice your major time by doing less priority, now let me share something to you about several resistance that most people created in this life; 1. Ego 2. Self-righteousness 3. Complacency 4. Perfection 5. The past memory, if one of fifth is already embedded within you, you better to imagine what you are going to do in less than 24 hour, you must ensure the activity you picked can fight them all, sometimes your own resistance can't help you when you get the crisis, if your job can stop your curiosity to learn more, you better to leave that job, but if your job can't stop your curiosity to learn something more about problems, you must spend your life time to take that job, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.