Life in itself has no meaning, life is an opportunity to create worth living story

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “life in itself has no meaning, life is an opportunity to create worth living story”, the meaning of that topic is life in itself is like the mold, it will never give the valuable thing to human unless the mold has been shaped by human's imagination, life will not work like what human expect, but life will cooperate with human as long as life in itself will be manufactured by human's vision, dedication and progress, life will define about who we are and what we are capable if we keep digging the information about something we don’t learn it yet, life will not give a good feedback until we offer something good to life itself, remember this; life is always neutral, life just gives a lesson to human how to endure pain or tolerate suffering during human undergo the life challenge, life will not give negative side or positive side, the final result will be determined by what human's perception doeslife will never offer something good until we start servicing something good for mankind,  we can’t change our circumstance before we help others to make their life journey to be better, life is hard when we love to compromise to stop learning new thing, remember this; your circumstance is an effect, whereas, your decision is the main causeif you want to make your life is meaningful, you must know what decision can utilize the core value you have, if your core value can’t develop your own potential, means, your potential can't create a good contribution for mankind.

         If you are not serious to dig the information about what’s you are capable of, your life will be meaningless and uninspiring, remember this note; opportunity will not be repeated at twice like the first one, when you don't cultivate something good to your life, as result, your life will not grow like what you expect, now imagine that you have a seed, you will not know about the purpose of that seed unless you cultivate it in the ground, you water it until the seed produces the root and the fruits, if you don't care about that seed's growth, it will produce nothing, it’s the same goes like your life, you will not know what is your life purpose until you show your dedication for servicing what mankind really need, if you don't cultivate your life purpose with dedication, courage, and commitment, your life will make you depressedso you must not think about yourself because your life has as the same value as others, besides that, please don’t just do something for self-indulgent if you want to know the function of your existence on earth, your life will not develop if you are too obsessed about your own satisfaction, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.  


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