Life is long if you know how to use it

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “life is long if you know how to use it”, the meaning of that topic is “life will reward you with unimaginable gift if you use your life for fulfilling God's calling, as becoming God's servant, you need to work at the job which God promises something to you”, if you believe your life is very precious, you must work at the potential you have been given from God, here is the criteria of job you should choose if you want to get the life mission from God; the job is being able to push you how to behave integrity, increase your passion, increase your curiosity and increase your intellectual acuity, so if you found that job which has fulfilled the criteria as above mentioned, you must stick together with that job because it can give you longevity happiness, unlimited creativity, prosperity and longevity health, recently I observed many people feel distressed with their own life journey unknowingly, the main cause why people feel distressed unknowingly because their job can't offer the advantage for their conscience, furthermore, the job they have picked can’t heal them from the mental pressure, remember this note; the core of living is not seeking the pleasure, but using your life to fulfill what God promises to you.

         I know it is not easy  to deal with life challenge because life has offered the most complex exam on earth, if we talk about the human nature, human are not entitled to possess everything they want, but human are entitled not to obsess by owning everything around them, if people want to live longer, they must know what to have and what not to have, if people push their own limitation to do something risky, people will get the side effect from the darkness of life, before people want to own everything they want, they must know how to endure responsibility and accept consequence, remember this note; the more people want something tangible, the more pain they must endure, life is not talking about how much possessions you must have, but life is talking how you can endure the long pain taste if you can’t endure the long pain taste, you will live shorter because you will distress easily with life pressure, life will anger you if you lose self-control, when you stop demanding yourself to increase your productivity, as result life will burden you with chronic mental painthe more you postpone to learn something, the more unwanted suffering will burden you, here is the key how to reduce the life pressure; you must change your habit by discipline yourself at least 21 days because that's requirement, you will get more serious mental illness if you are not willing to stay with new habit.
create new journey when there is no opportunity

       If you don’t want to taste the life pressure for long period of time, your mental strength will decrease itself, as result your life journey has been stuck between dilemma and silent desperation, only the coward will avoid the risk without knowing the reason behind it, remember this; your destiny is lies in your major characteristic, the more you practice your expertise, the more hidden potential will service what you need the most, sometimes you need to learn like the tree root's working principle if you want to keep surviving on earth, here is the tree root’s philosophy “as long as there is soil around, the root keeps growing, keep adapting, keep resilient, keep existing and keep tenacious”, I think having the tree's root characteristic will become most people’s favorite character because every the tree's root is designed to create an unimaginable power and support what the tree's leaves need in long period of time, remember this; every character can drive someone to the final destination, please keep sticking with your pain because one day your pain will become your guidance to live longer and you can use your mental strength to fight against the life crisis, the real pain comes from persistent in practice, if you keep together with your pain, life will surrender to you and your life will be abundant with unimaginable reward, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.