No man was ever wise by chance

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “no man was ever wise by chance”, the meaning of that topic is there is no success happens overnight, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people aren’t ready to face the truth because they are staying in the comfort zone for too long, some of them think truth will anger them and people believe truth always hurts them constantly, no wonder many people end their lives before their time is ending by itself, whether they realize or not, most people create false belief to what they did, as result, every problem can't increase their life experience, instead, every problem has irritated to them, the main cause why people complain to continue their life journey because they have headed to the wrong journey, besides that, the main goal they make can't create the power of faith to them anymore, no wonder they will feel like scaring themselves to death, at this moment let me share something for you about how is the importance of living like the wise man, here is the first purpose why life wants us to become wise man because life exam is getting more difficult and more difficult, if we postpone to learn something which attract our interest, we will lose desire of learning and we will get knowledge crisis, if you observe carefully, breaking self-ignorance is the sign of maturity and facing new problem is the sign of your life progress, the more you learn something new in the life exam, the more you wiser than before.

the wise person knows how to adapt with other people's mindset

       Whether we like or not, everyday life sends new challenge to us in order to diminish our sense of worry or diminish our sense of uncontrolled fear, please don't fear about problem because every problem is designed to teach human how to get stronger than before, either strong physically or strong mentally, if we get stronger and wise, we can create sensible decision and create good judgment without doubt, here is the second purpose why life wants us to become wise man because life knows the human’s potential is unlimited, the human's potential would be no appears without being tested with problem, remember this note; there is no problem can harm people's existence, only wrong mindset and false belief can make human die sooner, if you don't know how to deal with many problems, you just need to focus how to increase your knowledge and pick other people's problem that you want to solve, if you increase your knowledge, your mentality is stronger, the stronger your mentality, the more chance for you to deal with insurmountable problem, here is the advantage is you have good mentality; you will stay curious about the life riddle you don't know yet and your curiosity will take you to the higher standard, if your mentality has met with higher standard, the problem will resolve by themselves because it is no longer impact to your life existence and the problem you solved will become a pain mental cure, either for you or other people, here is the third purpose why life wants us to become wise man because a big disaster in this life will happen, soon or later, if we are not ready to face a big disaster, then a big disaster keeps us locked in bad temper, if we keep having bad temper, we will get miserable days in the following days.

         Maybe you have ever heard about the English idiom: The road to hell is paved with good intentions, means, every problem offers full of good meaningful story and problem can free human from the lifetime suffering on earth, when we feel something wrong with our life journey, the problem is not what happen to what we do, but the problem lies in what we built long time ago, in order to make human expertise is bringing more significant value, people must accept new challenge and new risk, the main reason why we need to accept new challenge and new risk because life rejects the comfort zone's existenceif we stay in the comfort zone for long period of time, our ego will get bigger than before and what we do is going to be less attractive, here is the risk if we are doing less productive at our career; the career we have built is not going to give us more value and instead our career will invite intangible problem, eventually we will get poor mentality because of comfort zone existence, remember this note; the more we do less productive, the bigger our ego will become and our perspective will turn into the mental barrier, if people just pick up the job for earning money only, their life journey will not give higher value to their specialty, here is additional note you need to remember; every person has two wings to fly, the first wing is faith, the second wing is problem, if one of our wings is broken, our life journey will get crisis, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.