Once you give up expectations, you have learned to live

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about“once you give up expectations, you have learned to live”, the meaning of that topic is if you want to survive on earth, you have to end up your expectation and focus on what you can contribute, the reason why you need to give up your expectation because it's part of out of self-control, if you just focus about expectation, you will lose sense of gratitude about what you have, life doesn't provide what you expect, but life will provide what you really need, in order to start a new life, you must learn how to defend yourself from the life pressure because life in itself is the barrier which ensures every creature on earth will feel suffering in life, when you can endure the life pressure, life will increase your current standard, remember this note; if I ask you not to expect something, it doesn’t mean you will end up your happiness, you must know about the difference between happiness and expectation, happiness is an event which it lies already within your soul, it will be clicking itself automatically when you already found the core essence from your potential and the type of service you make for others, there is nothing can define more than that, whereas, expectation is an external factor which it doesn’t take your responsibility, but it will be your responsibility when you are ready to take it with youplease don’t dare to expect something more before you are ready to get hurt by your own expectation , if your preparation is ready to get hurt, life will find you and it rewards you based on what you sacrifice.

        If we look at people’s lifestyle recently, they like to show off and expect something before they prepare something worst, most of them don't prepare how to do something when life gives something unpleasant, that's main cause why people easily feel frustrated once they face in reality, in my opinion, most people are just pushing their limitation to do something difficult, that's why their life journey is not fully grown and efficient, in order to create a big difference in life, people must change their perception and plan how to contribute something big for long period of time, that's keybefore we want to get something we never did, we must know what we are capable of, if we don’t know our strength, we can’t manifest what we want into realitydon’t just follow the trend of people who are capable to play their own game, you must find your game and focus how to develop itthe key how to learn to live peacefully on earth is facing your own problem and make it as your stepping stone in order to solve others problem, life has rule and you must have own rule, don't let life rule will overtake your plan, you must dare to fail in order to know how far your potential can assist you to remove all barriers which happens in your mindif you want to defend yourself from temptation, distraction and obstacle, you must know how you value your time for seeing the next big challenge, please don’t let frustration sees you as life's prisoner, but let the frustration is just like the wind-blown, the only person who can save yourself is your progression, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.