Only time can heal what reason can’t

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “only time can heal what reason cannot”, the meaning of that topic is there is always healing process as long as you let the past in the past although you have many reason not to leave some experiences in the past, now the reason why I choose that topic because there are many adult people consider time is like punishment on earth, but if you use your different perception, time is not punishment, but it is part of competition between you and your destiny, it doesn’t matter whether you have many bad experiences in life or not, it will not effect to your bright future as long as you commit to stay patience with your progress, here is the answer why keep patience in progress can heal you from suffering because every progress you make will increase your mental age, the more you pursue the problem and solve it, the more often time will heal your pain, remember this; time doesn't like to compromise with your excuses as long as you can take responsibility, if you want to be healed from life pressure, you must break your own false belief by looking for inspiration because false belief can put something bad to your mental health and affect it for long period of time , maybe you have many reason to give up of something because there are many difficult problem you faced, but the reason you make at this moment should not make you into despair, the reason you make for the future should create the better version of you from the past, remember this; it doesn’t matter how many failures you have made, God always puts you in the reborn version and He replaces your pain with new enthusiasm, so that you can keep working to your dream or goal.

       Please don’t burden your life with pessimism, expectation and negativity, life gets hard not because you want something, but life gets hard because you have signed up with God’s plan and you are called by God to do the mission as your life purpose, the reason why you are chosen by God to do the mission because only you have fulfilled the requirement and also God wants to do something for your favor, if you believe time can heal you from the painful experience, you must try to endure God’s mission, don’t consider the pain as punishment, but consider the pain as fuel, if you have enough fuel to change your false belief into right belief, you can use your time to enjoy your life and share your kindness to others who are powerless, to prolong your healing process from life pressure, you must be a game changer, means, you are ready to change your circumstance first although it needs more practice and commitment, once you change your inner world, it will affect to your outer world ever after, please don't ask "why does life put this pain for me?", you can replace that statement by asking yourself "what kind of lesson God wants me to learn"?, that's power of positive thinking, there is always new chance to think positively although there are many negative influences out there, time can heal you when you decide to endure and evolve from time to time, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.