Success is not always what you see

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “success is not always what you see”, the meaning of that topic is success can't be seen until success itself will grow up by itself from what we build from inside us, there many ways how to make success comes, such as developing good personality, building mental strength through daily practice, using the positive vibes from the universe to create positive thinking, etc. The main reason why many people are blinded about success because they prefer to differentiate between what other people have and what they can't have, furthermore, success can't be determined by human because success comes from accumulation, we don't need to know how much attempt we need to try, but we can accumulate how much failure we have attempted, remember this; we can’t get success by waiting the miracle and stopping to learn new thing, don’t get trapped easily by other people's success story from short term period because short term success is always offering sense of complacent and it never grow up again, the reason why we need to keep learning continuously because it’s part of the universe’s rule, if we stop learning new thing every day, we fight against the universe’s law, if we  reject to learn, life will reject our attempt, if we reject to accept failure, life will reject our development, if it's happening repeatedly, we will get the life crisis, I know, it’s not easy to deal with learning habit because it is against our ego, sometime our ego will tell us to feel enough after we got reward, unfortunately we forget whatever reward we receive, it is not part of the biggest reward in life, basically the biggest reward in life is not something you can see physically, but the biggest reward in this life is having the ability to endure pain for long period of time.

      If we do like what the universe does, such as giving a good service to others, following the God’s command, learning from God’s wisdom, everything impossible turns into possible if we don't stop learning from every failure we have passed, basically there is no impossible in this life, what I believe there is only incomplete journey, success will be born when we develop something which it doesn’t exist from our potential, we must understand the purpose of success is progress, not end result, if we just pursue success after we finish the target, our success will keep us locked in the comfort zone for long period, whereas, if we consider success is kind of progress, we will get exponential growth in our potential and we will get exceptional result more than what we imagine, recently many people talk about success, but I just want to reminder; please don’t believe with the shortcut way to success because success is not kind of reward, it is kind of personal responsibility, the more you can endure responsibility, the more you endure success, success will be disaster for you if you don’t prepare your best self, you must increase your endurance because success will give you the extraordinary pain, let success find your readiness after you prepare something excellent, please don't chase success but let success wants you and stick with you, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.