The biggest hindrance to learning is thinking that you already know

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “the biggest hindrance to learning is thinking that you already know”, the meaning of that statement is thinking about what you already know is part of regression, so you don’t need to repeat what you already got because this condition keeps you living in the state of unhappiness if you repeat it, remember this note; information is limitless, we mustn't limit ourselves by stop learning, we must be ready with our knowledge at any time because life is going to test our knowledge at any time, we don't need to know what's the future looks alike because we are not entitled to make it, what we need to do is how to impress the future with our preparation and how to make the future wants us to get the unimaginable rewardin my opinion; use our power of curiosity to increase knowledge is wise decision, but if I review from the society’s life, not many people spend their time to increase their knowledge because their attention is intrigued with comfort zone and comforting lies, if someone knew about the comfort zone’s bad effect in long time ago, they must have avoided it by now, but unfortunately not everyone deserves to get the truth because they reject to accept new perspective of idea about the truth, as result the truth makes them blind in their ignorance, remember this note; what they ignore becomes the amount of pain they will taste in the future.

        God doesn’t demand you to succeed to what you are doing, God just demands you to keep trying, stay committed, stay focused and stay determined about what you do for your future, don’t break your focus by thinking about the mistake you make because every successful people have used all mistakes to prevent them for making worse decision for the future, besides that, don’t stay perfection because you will lose your significant value in your life, every mistake is just proven system to explain what you are trying to approach your progress of learning, when you focus how to empower your creativity and empower your passion, you definitely need mistakes, all efforts including mistakes you create automatically will drive you to make closer to your goal and your progress of learning will keep you staying away from the frustrations, there is no bad or good about hindrance, it depends on your perspective of idea, sometimes little hindrance helps you to stay motivated to pursue your life purpose, if there is no hindrance and challenge, your capacity will not get stronger and biggerdon’t allow what you can’t do will interfere what you can do, if you can focus on what you can’t do, it will create new hindrance for you and it will stop you delivering the value for your beloved people or the customer, if you want to get appreciation from the future, treat every people around you like the customer who needs your assistance, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.