The biggest regrets people have in life

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “the biggest regrets people have in life”, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are not aware about their biggest regrets in life, the reason why people are unable to realize about their biggest regrets because they prefer to choose something easier to be done and they do what 's unimportant thing to do, most people forget that the truth says "life doesn't get easier from time to time and reality is part of God's answer", if you feel your effort doesn't satisfy yourself, you need to work harder than what you do in the job, in this article I would like to share how to recognize the biggest regret to what most people have in life, here is the first regret what most people have in lifeold people didn't show their dedication to the job they have picked when they were still youngwhen the time flew away, they regretted not to start something like what young people do, now their physical strength and their passion of learning can’t support what they want to do, here is conclusion; their comfort zone equals with their income zone, when their income doesn't satisfy their lifestyle, means, they have to break their ignorance and accept the challenge from the truth, in my opinion, those people who underestimate about the time journey, their passion of learning will be decreasing as much as the time people waste it, remember this note; time will never go back, act of waiting for new change is the sign of desperation, please don’t blame what we already got because everything we receive now comes from what we have given in the past.

He lost his life journey because he didn't spend his time to explore, now he regrets something about his past

         Here is the second regret what most people have in life; people have missed the event in the past with beloved people, now they regretted to what they have missed because the past event couldn’t be returned to the present time, many of us have missed the togetherness moment when we still have had family, distant relatives, good friends, etc. After one of them had passed away, we had realized we didn't put them into our priority list, so when the moment had gone, we started to regret, remember this note; don't sacrifice your major time to enjoy what you do in your career only, your beloved people wait the togetherness moment to stay closer with you, here is the third regret what most people have in life; people start to change something about themselves when the crisis already came, this circumstance will not change human’s destiny because human aren’t interested to learn something long before the crisis came, the crisis will come when people stop learning or stop working, don’t let sense of complacency will overtake our passion of learning, remember this note; we need to embrace unpleasant truth if we want to keep distance with the crisis, the reason why we need to embrace unpleasant truth because it has endurance to rescue us from desperation and suffering, whereas, the comfort zone always offers sweet promise, so we need to realize that every sweet promises with comforting lies will create the pain of regret forever.

She perplexed her own mind because she often neglected about the truth 

        Here is the fourth regret what most people have in life; most people don't invest their minor time to stay curious about God's existence and they don't fulfill what God promises to them, so when they passed away, they realized what they have done so far was unimportant in the eye of God, here is my note; if you don’t want to get the pain of regret, you must dare to fail and take the risk in order to monitor how far you have surpassed, if you stop trying, sense of anxiety and sense of regret will come to you, so you need to finish the game of life first before you rest for moment, what is the game of life? it's the duty call from God, whatever people can choose of something, that's part of responsibility, then everyone must submit their own responsibility to God, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.