The most usefulness cup is in its emptiness

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “the most usefulness cup is in its emptiness”, the meaning of that statement above is the human’s potential will be ready to serve what they need when people already empty their ego, forget about the past and stay humble, the main reason why we must do that because knowledge will be meaningless when our negative emotion fuels up our consciousness mind, we can't accept something bigger than our standards,  so whatever you are in the situation, you have to empty your cup because it’s requirement how to get new knowledge, new experience and new expertise, I know everybody has ever hurt with the past memory, but if we allow it happened, we will lose our vision to design the future, the main cause why people's mentality get easily hurt unwittingly because they were too obsessed about their past achievement, the past reputation, and the past bad experiencehere is the key; if people hone their focus by doing something they never did, they are going to live into the significant thing over living into being perfectionist, now you can choose, whether you want your life is like the spectacle or you want to become spectator?, if you want to be spectator, you don't need to do something new and enjoy your life with your perfectionismif you want your life is like a spectacle, you must live fully with your own game and you just need to ensure the game you play with is going to create serenity for other people’s life history.

         Sometimes being someone who gets criticized by the unknown people will hurt his mental, but if he doesn’t do something he doesn’t know, he never know what’s the next chapter of life he will live into it, being emptiness is like being an empty cup, if people have an empty cup's habit, this habit will educate people how to create new creativity, new wisdom and new mindset, don’t ever think being emptiness is like being stupid person, no, it’s totally wrong, being emptiness, means, people must not trust about their past memory because every day is an opportunity to adapt with new demand from life's challenge, remember this note; your future is not determined by how many years you have good experience, but your future is determined by how much amount of experience you put in your years, if you are investing good thing right now, it will be returned to your future, whereas, if you are investing bad thing right now, it will be returned to your future, life is very fair enough, but unfortunately many people don’t realize about the power of emptiness, the reason why people's life journey will never change because they don't want to empty their ego to invest something different into their knowledge, that's consequence  I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.