The pain you endure is measured by how important you want something

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “the pain you endure is measured by how important you want something”, the meaning of that topic is if you want to get something in this life, you must dare to endure pain for long period of time, the reason why we must endure pain for long period of time because life doesn’t offer an instant result, so as human being, we are limited by time, movement and space, we need to plan long before we want to have something in the future, the more we insist to have something ,the more pain we endure something unpleasant, it’s law, if you disagree with my statement, it’s okay, there is nobody will push you to agree with me, I just want you to prove by yourself, now I understand why many people don’t want to pursue their dream because they aren’t ready to endure pain for long period of time, if you think there is better way how to get success instantly in this life without getting pain, you would better cautious it carefully because you will dig your own hole by unknowingly, remember this statement “there is easy comes, it is easy to go” means, when you get something an instantly, you must be ready to feel disappointed, I just want to remind you that life's job is provide something valuable in order to prolong the human’s existence in this world only, such as water, fresh air, soil, sunshine, raining, fishes, wind, plants, animal, the natural law, and provide something that human can't create, that's responsibility, if you want to get success, you must get higher responsibility.

         Life is not fulfilling what human desire such as car, house, career, mansion, hotel, relationship, science, etc. nevertheless, life will support what people must prepare for the human’s desire, the first thing we can learn from life is we must have higher purpose and big responsibility, if we think to work by ego, our life purpose will be meaningless, the reason why we need to have it because life is not working by alone, every life component in this life is set for working in cooperation, patience, dedication, consistency and commitment, that’s truth process we call it as the mental pain and suffering, if we don’t follow the life’s rule, we will be burdened with sense of disappointment and anger, let me give you an example; your goal is collecting the honey in the forest, if you don’t prepare with your safety equipment, you will be stung with the honey bee because the bee will be irritated with your arrival, it’s law, the more you take, the more you endure the risk, if you can endure the risk, you will winif you reject the risk, you will be risking your life by entering into desperate mode because you don’t get what you want, the less you take something, the less you take the risk, or you can follow this strategy if you want to manifest what you want in reality, “you plan something, you endure the risk, you show your dedication and let the reward will come to you”, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.