There are only three mysteries beyond human mind; life, death and love

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “there are only three mysteries beyond human mind; life, death and love”, as human being, we don’t have enough technology to find out about it, we will never touch life, death and love without God's permission, why God must exist because we are alive, we are created by God because we had passed the test long time ago before we were bornthe main reason why we need to know about three mysteries (life, death and love) because God wants us to be eye-witness to see something what eyes can't see, what ear can't listen and what skin can't touch, life, death and love are part of test how to determine the human's destiny and how to know true desire of God (Allah), as human being, we just learn everything which comes to us and everything which leaves us, problem we faced is the primary test how to know about God's purpose, we don't have much time to argue, whine or complain about it, we have option; whether we want to run from it or we learn from the problem, our life journey will be stuck when we run from it, but the biggest test we will report to God is once we will face the death, before we will enter to the death zone, we must undergo the life's challenge and love’s challenge as requirement.

        The purpose why we are living on earth is learning from God's creation, seeking the truth from God's guidance and we worship Him once we have found the strongest evidence and reference, as long as we are living on earth, we will face the life's test and love's test, if we don’t pass the life’s test and love’s test, we will get the pain of regret forever in the death zone, remember this; God existed long time ago not because human made it, whereas, human existed long time ago because human could not create it, if God dies, every human dies as well, in fact, God still rules the universe to obey His command and the universe 100% surrender to God, whereas, Human are given an option to choose, whether human will obey God's command or human will betray Him, that's strong evidence why God and human don't unite to become oneness, as human, we shouldn’t underestimate about time because time is part of our energy and time will be no longer valid when we stay in the death zoneto live peacefully on earth, what we start now must be referring to what we love to learn, when we can’t find the inspiration without putting what we love, our activities will be meaningless and uninspiring if we don't get any clue from God's guidance, remember this note; to attract the power of love, we must learn about the subject we love, if we push ourselves to live continuously in this life without the power of love, I am sure that everybody prefers to surrender and commit to suicide than living on earth like the walking dead person.

      To activate the power of love within our potential, we must be able to endure responsibility, patience and have resilience, we need to break our ego and self- ignorance if we want our existence will be detected by the power of love, don't let love will blind usthe power of love will drive us to find the truth if we don't consider us as self-righteousness, love will work at maximum level when we don't expect something from the external cause, love will stay in human's soul when they care something important, God's love will stay in human when they don't expect benefit too much from other human being, here is the rule how to prepare ourselves to face the life test and the love test; don’t put your sense of love with an easy life promising something because it kind of fake love and it will make your mental health is doom, you must love everything what God does for you, like problem, adversity, rejection, betrayal, delay, and insecure feeling, Although it may not look good for you, but it is kind of good preparation which you can use it to conquer the life's challenge, the love's challenge, and death, remember this note; everything comes to you is reflected from what you are capable of, God doesn’t burden you with something you can’t endure, God doesn’t miscalculate something, He does something perfectly, if you know life, love and dead are part of true test from God's compassionate, you must align with God’s command and do something what you can do, don’t let what you can't do will interfere what you can do, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.