Truth will anger you and it will set you free from false belief

Truth pushes human very hard to move up from the comfort zone

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “truth will anger you and it will set you free from the false belief”the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are trapped with false belief and they can't step out from false belief because they don't consider false belief is wrong, based on my research, the main cause why people can't become the future man because they just follow their instinct and they reject to change, I know willing to change is very hurt, but if there is no change, it becomes the pain of regret and it is incurable, remember this note; if people just follow their instinct without being supported with knowledge, curiosity and research, their instinct can turn into false belief, as result false belief will guide people to follow the misleading way in lifebasically false belief comes complacency, close minded and the fear of the change, if you feel one of them, means, you are trapped with false belief, what makes me sad is not when people lose their confidence, but when people are feeling okay after they lose the truth, that's makes me very sadall is started when there is indecision, as result people prefer to lose self-awareness than losing their sense of ease, if the human’s mentality isn’t stronger than their sense of curiosity about the truth, people will lack of passion for learning, if this ritual is repeated over and over again, their ignorance will grow unexpectedly, eventually people will not stay curious about their self-potential growth anymore, it’s dangerous habit.

Truth doesn't want to make human feel comfortable

       The reason why truth always angers to human being because human’s habit are stepped out from the nature habit, do you know what's the nature habit ? it says, "as long as there is a living on earth, there is no comfortable and there is long term discomfort"from that the nature habit, it doesn't mean you can't find comfortable in any place on earth, but in order to stay living on earth, you must demand ourselves to work hard and embrace high responsibility with all you deserve it, if you can't fulfill the requirement above mentioned, you don't deserve to get comfortable thing, whatever you do today, you have to ensure all activities you picked up with can increase your survival skill such as cooking, reading book, do physical exercise, do meditation, etc. please be studious like the donkey, although donkey isn’t as smart as the horse, donkey is much stronger than horse as physically and donkey is kind of obedient animal and never complained although he carries a lot of goods onto his back, unlike horse, donkey knows what to do although he runs slower than horse, remember this note; if we possess the major character like the donkey, our mind is always open-minded, adaptable and humility.

      Here is the bad sign if someone is staying away from the truth; whatever he thinks about something, he always feels self-righteous and he will never see his own ignorance because his false belief has blocked self-development processplease don’t get fooled with these 3 things if you want to get the purpose in life; 1. Sweet promises, 2.  Instant result 3. Shortcut success method, those are the form of false belief where it can guide us to the misleading direction and we will be pushed away from the truth / God’s blessing, maybe you think truth hurts yourself, but lies are getting worse than truth, it would better the truth will anger you rather than you never get informed by the truth, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.