We learn not in school, but in life

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “we learn not in school, but in life”, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are so proud by having high education at school, but unfortunately if they see in reality, the most complex exam in this life is life itself, there is nobody can escape from that exam because every human is born must undergo the life exam, if one of us is trying to reject the life exam like reject the failure during learning, life will reject our attempt automatically, please don’t try to fight against the universe’s law, our life journey will be taking more risk if we don’t make new mistake, that’s part of God’s plan, don’t ever think we are more important than failure, if there is no failure, we don’t have any value to offer in reality, if we review about education in school, most education in school are teaching how to get good grade in every compulsory subject and teaching student how to be perfectionist, so every student's ability will be tested by taking school exam and they will be given a punishment when they make mistake, but if we compare between school's education and life’s education, life's education has allowed human to make new mistake, new failure, new rejection, if human don’t want to get mistake, they will be risking their own life, as result human will never get the truth, human will lose dignity, lose reputation, lose ingenuity, etc.

       Now there is person has question “why I need to make new mistake?” because every human is limited by time, space and movement, our resources will decrease by itself if we don’t use it more often to learn more about life exam, the purpose of undergoing the life exam is educating human how to behave patience, having survival skill and having wisdom, three lesson will be used to fight against injustice treatment in the world, that’s the most sensible reason why we need to learn something new every day, remember this; life doesn’t stop developing by bringing the unsolved riddle, if we stop learning, we behave injustice to our own life, knowledge is very limited if we compare with imagination, we can't rely on our intelligence to face problem, but we must use our emotional intelligence by doing something beyond human’s knowledge, such as destroying the mental barrier and how to escape from comfort zone which grows in every single day, remember this; the universe is having highest frequency, we can’t reach that frequency if we don’t learn something new every dayevery 24 hour our life journey is at stake to absorb new thing, as we know having learning habit is not easy because learning new thing is very hard, especially to common human’s habit.

         If we don’t want to die in silent desperation, we must generate new resource by evolving something it doesn’t exist yet, such as keep balancing the nature’s ecosystem from over population, researching about the nature’s law, developing personal quality, reading book, controlling the plastic usage, reduce the global warming by planting at least 100 trees per day, here is the additional note; if we want the nature does something to what we deserve, we must do something better and we never did before, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.