Why you need the clarity to achieve your goal

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “Why you need the clarity to achieve your goal”, the reason why I choose that topic because the clarity is power how to know the strength of our focus, besides that clarity can help us to manifest our ultimate goal into reality, the reason why we need to make clarity because there are many obstacles which they are ready to stop us from achieving goal, like toxic people, watching TV, cellphone, fake news or hoax, negative emotion, etc. at this article I would like to share about the several tips how to make the clarity to achieve your goal; here is the first tip; Don’t magnify your ego, you must break up your ego from you and you must deal with something new, like adversity, problem, new advice from the experienced people, if you magnify your ego, you will get overwhelmed when you face problem and you will not get your power of focus to solve your own problem, here is the second tip; make priority list for what you do and what you don’t do, if you have priority list, you will be able to obstruct the negative emotions assault and you will not get frustrated because you can handle your own pressure, sometimes we lose our focus not because other people’s influence, but we allow people's influence come into our head without giving good value to us, here is third tip; knowing your major interest strengthif you know it earlier, I am sure you will not dare to postpone to do because you believe the fortune belongs to you when you do something quicker than most people won't do.

        The best clarity you need to build for long term career is follow your insatiable curiosity and use your heart to detect other people’s problem and help them to solve, if you have this kind of habit, then your ingenuity will play with problem and you will create the masterpiece from the problem you solved, don’t just expect the biggest reward comes to you automatically, you must ask to the biggest reward with the question like this “what do you want me to do if you are willing to accept me as your partners?”if you have a lot of solution to offer, the reward will come to you unexpectedly, before you make the clarity about your goal, you must know your limitation and you know what most people do when they have the free time, if you change your habit by doing what most people don't do, your fortune belongs to you and you will live the rest of your time with joy whereas most people can'tthe more you remove something unimportant from your time, the more you remove the distractions, finally you know what you are capable to achieve your goal, please do it at least 90 days as practice, here is the additional note you need to remember; the energy will flow when there is clarity, the clarity will happen when there is focus, the power of focus will happen, when you can delegate your focus, then your goal will come closer to you, so you don’t need to do something great to make the clarity, you just need to adjust your emotion and fight for fulfilling what the goal wants from you, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.