3 steps of changing in life; suffering, adaptation, evolution

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “3 steps of changing in life; suffering, adaptation, evolution”, the main purpose why I choose that topic because most people still don't know how to create their purpose of life, besides that, most people reject how to take the suffering test periodically, in fact,  suffering is not kind of main problem why people get heavy losses in their life, but when people are having lack of knowledge, it is causing heavy losses, now I understand the main cause why most people think suffering such dangerous thing because they experience to get deceived by short term happiness, ease and comfort zone, so as human who are limited with time, space and movement, we shouldn’t blame why suffering must be happening in this life, if we can take a look with open-minded about the benefit after got suffering, I am optimist there is better change, now let me tell you that suffering is the basic principle how to create longevity happiness, health and prosperity in the future, here is the consecutive term in life; suffering, adapting and evolving, we can’t break that rule because that’s requirement how to undergo the game rule, in this article let me explain about how to create a better life through 3 steps, here is the first step, I call “life is suffering”, basically the purpose of suffering test is learning how to take new responsibility, learning how to resilient in any situation, learning how to take risk and learning how to embrace problem with positive attitude, remember this note; hard work, dedication, consistency and commitment are part of life suffering test, if there is no suffering, there is no new hope.

       Here is the second step, I call “life is adaptation”, as we know that there is no single human can escape from daily problem, so there is no escape door from reality, I think escaping from problem is not kind of good decision, "the more often people reject the problem, the more problem will come to them", if people can’t stay resilient after they got something unpleasant, at least they will learn something from people who already pass from the life crisis, so in my opinion, we need to practice our passion by doing something difficult in our career, such running own business or working as professionals at least 5 years, if we can pass the adaptation test, means, we already leave the comfort zonethe criteria how to step in the adaptation process is staying endured during undergoing the life crisis, such as improving the financial control habit, enhance good personality, increasing self-knowledge and ingenuity, if we want to pass from the suffering test to the growth zone, we must challenge ourselves to leave the comfort zone, if we don’t dare to leave our comfort zone, we will return to the first step, namely learn how to suffer, now here is the third step, I call “life is evolution”, at this step, we deserve to get longevity happiness, having financial security, having time freedom and live with prosperity because we have passed the first step and second step in life challenge, namely suffering test and adaptation test, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.