3 tips how to stop complaining habit

change complaining habit into compliment habit
         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “3 tips how to stop complaining habit”, the main reason why I choose that topic because complaining habit can create new problem which can block our awareness to obtain opportunity, besides that, complaining about something we don’t understand will create new barrier in our subconscious mind which it can make us stayed away from having good mentality, in this article let me share something to you about several factors why we complain, here is the first factor why we complain; we lack of survival skill, this skill is very crucial because it will guide human how to stay endured on earth, there are many ways how to collect the survival skill, such as reading book, doing physical exercise, helping powerless people, do meditation, increase the spiritual intelligence through Islamic's teachings, etc. remember; lack of survival skill is like finding the leftover food at the garbage, so before you lack of energy, you have to prepare your provision first, in reality, you must have ability to sell your ability to other people who really need your assistance before you run out of provision, if you have children, you can practice children's ability how to survive, if we lack of survival skill, we will rely our future to other people’s plan, do you know how much sacrifice do other people make for our future? Not much, because every person has own responsibility and not everyone’s plan can satisfy ourselves, in order to avoid the conflict between people to another one, we need to reduce the dependency factor from other people's plan and start to create own purpose, don't let other people will change your life purpose because it will evoke complaining’s habit when you can't stand with it.

       Here is the second factor why we complain; we aren’t ready how to give more than what we normally do, the reason why we need to give more than we receive because it can create self-demanding habit, in my insight, this habit is more important than other positive habit because not everyone can plan something better for us, so we don’t need to waste our time for waiting other people’s plan to please us, we can create it by our vision, now there are 3 tips how to stop complaining habit; here is the first tip how to stop complaining habit; taking more responsibility to serve what most people need and always demand yourself to do good deeds than what you normally do, the reason why I recommend such thing because life will not get easier, you must prepare your provision at any time, the life crisis will come soon or later, here is the second tip how to stop complaining habit; making strictly plan and stay curious about the new goal you want to achieve it in the future, the reason why I recommend such thing because making strictly plan keeps you focus about something you never did before, besides that, having curiosity will help human to forget the mental illness which is produced by complaining habit, here is the third tip how to stop complaining habithanging out with people who are living poorer than you and learn something positively from poor people’s habit, the reason why I recommend such thing because hanging out with poor people will educate you how to appreciate every gift that God gives to poor people and also you can learn from how poor people keep surviving, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.