5 Tips How to keep yourself encouraged

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “how to keep yourself encouraged”, the reason why I choose that topic because many people can’t motivate themselves when they can’t meet with their clearest goal, in this article I would give you several tips which can help you how to encourage yourself to do something significant, especially when you doubt how to manifest your dream in reality, here is the first tip how to keep yourself encouraged; take responsibility for the missed opportunity or the missed misinterpretation, means, you will not stop working though you have missed opportunity or missed misinterpretation, maybe it can create a mental pain for you, but when you take responsibility at fullest, you will have a strong reason not stop working until your expertise or talent can solve other people’s problem, this step is not easy because it will create doubt to yourself if you don't start, here what I believe; the more you use your time to help other people to succeed, the more you receive the permanent victory, as long as you are still living on earth, you haven’t failed yet to pursue your dreams.

      Here is the second tip how to keep yourself encouraged; remind yourself that every opportunity can’t be waited by your time calculation, means, you need to make strict plan how to design your future, although there is nobody cares about what you do, you must stay together with your masterpiece, don't worry about result, every result will not disappear as long as your focus is oriented on the goal and you fulfill your emotional needs with doing what your commitment wants, opportunity sometimes is like the money, opportunity will not come until you work for your preparation, remember this; good luck will happen when opportunity and preparation are met together in the right time, so wait for the good signal is not the best option to do, the more we wait for opportunity, the more we lose our power of enthusiasm, don't expect luck will come to you if you just spend your time to wait for itdon't make luck waits you and you don't need to work hard for getting luck, let your luck wants you, encourages you and let it shapes you in good quality, your main job is keep enduring to what you want to develop withhere is the third tip how to keep yourself encouraged; remind yourself that your future needs you rather than your past, means, you need to focus about something you haven’t finished yet and also you need to learn what you haven’t learned in the future than you are too concerned about your past moment, let God takes care your past moment, all you need to do as human being is learn something new, working on your self-improvement and sharing what you know to others, that’s it.

       Here is the fourth tip how to keep yourself encouraged; remind yourself that you have beloved people around you who still need your supporting, means, people around you are not going to fill up your life until you have own reason you keep servicing what beloved people need, your life story will not improve your emotional needs until you do what you haven’t fulfilled yet for beloved people, please don’t try to run away from reality because your reality is too strong than what you imagine, your confidence is accumulated based on how many people you have served, remember this note; the more you care, the stronger you will become, your life will encourage you when you serve others with your privilege, here is the fifth tip how to keep yourself encouraged; remind yourself that your life purpose is more important than your happiness, means, when you use your most time to serve what people need, your life will be filled with the abundance of prosperity, wisdom, love, integrity and happiness, remember this note; the more often you serve what people need, the more you get luck, your luck is accumulated based on the number of people who receive it, the more people receive what you give, the more often you receive a countless gift, that’s the universe’s law, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.