6 signs you have strong mindset

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “6 signs you have strong mindset”, the reason why I choose that topic because many people disconnect between their goal and their passion of learning because some of them feel perplexed what to do for maintaining the right mindset which may help them to achieve what they pursuethe main cause why people don't pursue what they want because they don’t possess strong mindset, as result their mindset isn't ready to influence their instinct to attract the clear want, when the instinct doesn't know what to do, unknowingly people will lose their enthusiasm, in this article I will recommend you about 3 basic components how to shape strong mindset, the first component I called “what kind of book do you read every day”, the second component is “what kind of responsibility do you endure every day” and the third component is “what kind of legacy do you give every day”, if we don’t know how to answer, we are more disabled than the mental handicap person, now I will share to you 6 signs that you have strong mindset, here is the first sign; you don’t waste your time feeling sorry for yourself, means you will be able to behave resilient directly every time you lost something valuable or you feel something bad, although life is painful is hurt to try, but as long as you have tough determination, your strong mindset will diminish the comforting lies, here is the second sign; You embrace change and welcome challenge, that second sign is difficult to try, but if you try to challenge yourself, your life will be no boring because your mind has solved many riddles in life and eventually you will be happy because your growth mindset can be your life guidance.
         Here is the third sign; you don’t focus on what you can’t control, this is part of strong evidence that you have faith about what you control and you let Almighty God controls what you can’t control, this is not easy method because most people I know, they are feeling anxiety every time there is sudden change came up to them, before unknown circumstance will change what we control, we must know what kind of near future we design, the more we focus to something we insisted, the more we get closer to the progress, here is the fourth sign; you solve other people’s problem although you still have own problem,  this is kind of sense of caring, this character is not easy to do because most people care about what people love only, such as family, comrade, etc. but if you have the fourth sign within your daily habit, you will be able to receive something more than what you expect, here is the fifth sign; you are willing to take calculated risk, means, you are ready to give your best action every time you will get unpleasant truth, people who dare to take calculated risk, means they are ready to take huge loss, remember; challenge doesn't intend to make you loss, but challenge intends to promote your strong mindset to win towards any problem, here is sixth sign; you don’t feel bad easily although other people look down of you, this attitude teaches us how to stay patience because not all circumstance in life we can control, I think avoiding something we can't control is good choice, remember this; every single person in this world can’t escape from the rumor from people they don’t know yetwe just need to ignore something which it can't develop our skill and love what we control, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.