A man who can’t tolerate small misfortune, can never accomplish great things

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “a man who can’t tolerate small misfortune, can never accomplish great things”, the reason why I choose that topic because this bad attitude reminds me about how to appreciate the importance of misfortune, as we know most people hate about misfortune, now what if all people never know about misfortune, they will never know how to appreciate the smallest gift  in this life and people will never know how to get good fortune, the main cause why we can’t tolerate small misfortune because we think we are always greater than anything else, besides that, we are acting like being omniscient person, please stay carefully about this attitude because it can poison our character if we keep continuing it over and over again, now let we talk about the misfortune, what do you have in mind if you hear about the misfortune? maybe you will think misfortune is kind of God's plan, or maybe you will think misfortune is kind of lack of learning, you don't get wrong about your opinion, but let me clarify it, misfortune is not defining about who you are or whether you are capable or not, but misfortune is part of ungrateful person character, remember this; misfortune is produced by undeveloped mentality, people who have undeveloped mentality, they tend to blame something less and stop to stay curious about the small gift where it is sent by God, here is the note; misfortune will never happen if we don’t accept what we should accept from God’s grace, there is no great thing can be sustained if there is nobody is willing to endure it, that’s law, in this article I just want to remind you that buying stuff can’t make you feel good luck, but only curious person about the truth and knowledge who can feel more secure and good luck, that’s I called the life education.

      Although human are given by God with freewill, it doesn’t mean human can predict about what the future wants, basically the function of free will is not deciding everything what human received is good, but free will can help every single person how to tolerate something less and show gratitude to what they receive in life, remember this law; all everything we receive is accumulated based on what we give a design to the future, let me give you the real meaning of misfortune, every misfortune is not part about lack of money or lack of possessions, but misfortune is part of lack of preparation which it is given to what we design about future, don’t forget our future depends on how much little gift we will give to the future, if we don’t get clear picture about what we design, we will never accomplish our goal, so we need some practices our mind to understand that not all what we want are going to bring good fortune, the reason why good fortune is not always happening in every day because we make every one day with misfortune habit and lack of provision of knowledge, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.  


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