Don’t study because you need, but make a study as necessity

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “don’t study because you need, but make a study as necessity, the main purpose why I choose that topic not everyone considers study is the main priority list in their daily life, so I just want to remind to everyone who reads this article “please study well before the opportunity comes because there is nothing can stop problem unless you prepare something for it, the more often you wish for easier, the more you lack of knowledge, so don’t wish something easier will come to you because it is against the universe’s law”, the reason why I say such thing because that’s kind of the truth, if we reject the truth, means we reject the law of God, so as human being, we should be having open-minded about the truth because it will help us how to protect ourselves against the comforting zone, frustrations zone and regret zone, the reason why we need to avoid three of them because it is propaganda system which is being built to destroy the human’s mental age, to prevent a bad influence for long period of time, we need to feed our mindset with this question “what kind of big risk if I don't study?”, the more we ask such critical question to ourselves, the more we get fast response how to prevent the sense of loss which may deal in the future, as human being, we need to find the privilege which has been provided by God by hard working and keep curious about every change in life, privilege is one of God’s plan which it can be used to create a better life and change the human’s lifestyle, if we don’t find any privilege, our comfort zone is getting stronger than our capacity, our comfort zone will diminish our expertise.

          Learning a new thing is always hard because it is kind of the universe’s habit, if we don’t follow the universe’s habit, we will get the pain of regret and pain of ignorance, so we must connect to the universe’s habit, there is no difficult to learn as long as we have good vision and have purpose oriented, that’s requirement, if we feel learning is difficult right now because we lack of curiosity, lack of enthusiasm and lack of self-demanding how to get a better life, don’t ever think life is about one day trial and it will be restarted from previous position, our real competition is our time, if we prefer to procrastinate in studying, we will never feel the moment of happiness, the purpose of living is diminish the bad impact of ignorance, if we don't learn, we will get hurt by reality, if you want to know why many people can’t change their fate although they show hard working because they lack of ingenuity and lack of getting the lesson of failure, as human being, we aren’t supposed to become the perfectionist, but being a progress maker, if we believe studying is good, we should make it as life necessity, not when we need it, every human is limited by space, time and movement, as long as our existence is needed by this universe, we are demanded to learn about the truth, the more we approach to the truth, the more often the universe does something for us, now remember this; the less we have the desire to learn, the more mental barrier will mess our whole life story, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.