How to be confident with an empty bank account

Sharing your vision to other people is kind of strategy to build self-confidence

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “how to be confident with an empty bank account”, the main reason why I choose that topic because some people lose self-confidence after they get fired from their job unexpectedly and some people lose self-confidence after their bank account balance is empty because it's used to pay the bill, in this article, I would share about several tips how to countermeasure the lack of self-confidence, so hopefully you will no longer worry about your bank account balance after you read this article, here is the first tip how to be confident with an empty bank account; you must improve your philosophy, the reason why you need to do this because your philosophy will define the way you’re thinking, you must find new philosophy which can reanimate your enthusiasm and peace in the mind state, if you feel disappointed because of an empty bank account balance, there must be wrong with your philosophy, so don’t let your philosophy will give you bad feeling, you need to renew your philosophy in order to renew your enthusiasm, you must find a good role models where they can give you good philosophy, remember this note; good philosophy can give you some enlightenment, whereas, bad philosophy will produce negative emotion, when you succeed to change your philosophy, your confidence level will increase and your confident will promote yourself how to get a proper job.

Learn how to sell your competence if you want to get better salary

       Here is the second tip how to be confident with an empty bank account; read some books, I think reading book can give you a new resource how to make yourself is available for other people who may need you to work with them, remember this; your confidence level equals with your knowledge, the more you earn knowledge, the more often your emotional needs would be filled by golden opportunity, please don’t let your knowledge is empty because it will affect to your power of perception and consciousness, remember this; your power of perception is more important than your bank account balance, if you can increase your power of perception, you can control the money’s habit, if this condition becomes your habit, people will pay you because you know how to handle the money's habit, here is the third tip how to be confident with an empty bank account; helping other people who are more successful than you, although you feel totally inadequate, there is no excuse to offer your help to others, the reason why you need to apply this strategy because it can help you to promote your skill, maybe it takes longer time to get credibility, if you sell your trust, your reputation will buy recognition for you, "the more you get recognition, the more you get money from people who trust you".

       Here is the fourth tip how to be confident with an empty bank account; don’t feel regret about your past, start to reconcile about yourself and stay resilient, means you need to keep grateful to God when you start your life from zero again because Almighty God tries to sweep away your ignorance, sweep away your sin and guide you how to be a new person who can create the future’s hope to anyone else, here is the fifth tip how to be confident with an empty bank account; don’t make a debt although you need money so much, but try to sell your skill to anyone by creating self-demand and create an interest, if you apply this strategy, your confidence level is increasing than before and your personal branding can tell what most people need, in my opinion; please keep adding value to your personal branding and let others will buy you a reputation, if you make this strategy as habit, you will be chased by golden opportunity, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.