Problem must be viewed from a multifaceted perspective

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “problem must be viewed from a multifaceted perspective”, the reason why I choose that topic because many people’s mentality are less strong when the problem comes to themso we shouldn't consider every problem like the enemy, the wrong situation lies in our attitude, not the problem itself, problem is neutral, problem can poison you if you try to avoid it and problem can heal your pain when you are serious to study it, the main cause why problem can make people upset because people use single perspective area and reject to another view from a multifaceted perspective, that’s real problem, remember this; problem is designed not to curse every single person’s life story, but problem is designed to fix human’s mindset, however, problem doesn’t need to be solved by human, problem will end by itself when we have fixed our mindset from fixed mindset, here is the truth; every problem has own weight, problem will not come exceeding than every single person’s capacity, so when problem comes around, don’t make judgment bad easily because the problem you faced is accumulated based on what you are capable of, problem knows what you need and the same problem will not attack you when you master of something, the purpose of problem is increasing your survival skill, if you reject the problem’s existence, means, you insult what God’s plan for you, please don’t let it happens.

       Problem will not come unless you are being prepared by God to be ready how to face new situation, that’s reason why making good preparation in long period of time is very important because making good preparation can increase your mental strength, remember; the problem's value can't be exchanged with the money's value you have, if you measure your ability based on the amount of money you will receive, problem will not fix your mindset, please learn how to get temperance when you receive the amount of money, money doesn't care whether you are capable or not, money would be pleased when you stop learning and stay in complacency zone for long period of time, so please don’t fit your ability with the amount of money, if you do it, your mentality isn’t growing, remember this note; if you want to change your life, don’t consider making good preparation is part of waste of time, but making good preparation is part of daily life necessityif you reject your preparation, you would no longer surviving on earth, you must have the passion of learning because it is the basic ability how to prolong the survival skill and how to reduce the pain of regret.

       If we feel problem will hurt us, so problem will hurt us, if we feel challenged by the problem, whatever problem will become our spiritual teacherthe more we learn something we are passionately, the more we can use a multifaceted perspective to welcome the problem, please don’t let the negative thing overtaking our potential of skill-set, sometimes problem will make us feeling down, but it’s good because life wants us to be eye witness to see about the new reality, if the problem can’t make us feeling down, means our mental strength is getting ahead of the problem’s capacity, remember this; if you don’t get problem, you will never know how much progress you have made so far in your life story, every problem is investment, not all problems can be avoided, maybe you can avoid the big problem but you will never win to avoid small problem which it lies in your soul, in my opinion; when you use your multifaceted perspective towards problem, so the problem will turn into opportunity by itself, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.