The cure of pain is in the pain

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “the cure of pain is in the pain”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people still don't know how to get good cure from getting pain, if I review a bit, there is no single person can avoid the pain, please consider this note; every pain in struggle can become the cure if people keep galvanizing their emotional intelligence to stay working, you should be thankful when you get pain because only the strong person can create the most suitable life, either for themselves or other people, most people I know really hate about the suffering in life, but if there is no pain or suffering, there is no new life, people who hate about suffering, their mentality can't grow and it will affect to what they perceive in reality, now imagine there's mother who has given birth a baby, every mother will get labor pain, now the question ; why does every mother want to get such pain? because every mother believes there is new hope after getting a lot of pain, that's the game of life.

      Besides that, pain will instill new conflict which it can connect between you and your visionso whether you like it or not, you must be ready to face the challenge in life, you and I are not entitled to judge what's happening in life, sometimes we must forget about our enjoyment and get seriously when we face the game of life, if there is no challenge in life, we will not know how to increase our expertise, if there is no problem in life, we are not interested with knowledge, if there is no rejection, we will not know how to raise our standard, those are challenges where it can give us a lot of pain, either physically or mentally, but behind the story of pain, there is the biggest reward where it awaits us unexpectedly, that’s the game of life, so if you can’t enjoy your pain, you need to visualize about the reward where you want to reward your struggle, such as you have plan to build a house within 5-10 years, that's power of dream, if you don't give up on your dream, your dream will not give up to work for youalthough you will endure pain because of hard working, discipline and consistency, Almighty God will send you the law of compensation where you will be rewarded by something what you desired after you have fulfilled the struggle in trial period.

       The compensation will be paid to you if you can hold the pain attack until your capacity deserves to win, remember this; every dream is power, every pain is power, when you can’t utilize both for making good purpose in your life, you will lose your dream and you will get more pain, here is the note; “the more you pursue your dream, the more pain follows what you pursue, the bigger dream you create, the bigger size of pain is going to strengthen your mental spirit”, so please don’t hate with problem, conflict, delay, rejection or challenge because those part of mental growth training processif you hate with new change and want to escape from reality, as result, you will get worse pain in your life, everything happens in you is determined 100% by what you design in your perception, in my opinion; please use the life pain to strengthen your mentality and strengthen your heart, the pain will never kill you, only regret, worry and ignorance can kill your inner worldinstead, the pain will help you to increase your focus, here is the additional note; "the bigger focus you create to pursue the clear target, the bigger outcome will appear in the future, the smaller focus you create, the more obstacle will stop you from doing what you desire",  here is the truth, you will not get stronger without pain, so don't run from it and keep sticking with it, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.