We need the darkness to see things in the seed

         Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about topic “we need the darkness to see things in the seed”, the meaning of that topic is you need the problem in order to know the purpose of living, you will know how to measure your capabilities by facing the life problem, you will not know your competence level until you surpass the problem where the universe sends it to you every day, everything you receive in reality is counted based on how much focus and energy you need to find your privilege, the more often you get a multifaceted problem, the more importance your privilege to you, the reason why I choose that topic because I just want to remind everyone about how is the importance of darkness, the content of darkness I mean is not part of evil or black magic, but the darkness what I mean is your ignorance.

        So basically every single person never know how to escape from their own fate until they are willing to maximize their potential through studying about everything they require, that's requirement how to unlock their ignorance, there is nobody can escape from problem because every problem that human faced is determining the privilege they receive, so avoiding the problem’s existence is not good idea because every problem is designed to fix the people’s mindset, not to punish human's fault, I have reviewed a bit about the human’s psychology; the main cause why most people hate towards the problem because they think every problem is kind of menace and they consider problem will crush their career slowlybut if we talk about reality, problem gives insistence demands to every human, so that human can maximize what they want to do through their seed of skill, this illustration is like the seed which is planted in the ground needs the darkness to grow its potential.

        People don’t realize every miracle needs the darkness in order to insist people out from the fate they don’t deservesometimes we can't choose the another path because the darkness is part of miracle, the more we avoid the darkness, the more we get the pain of regret, I think act of escaping is not good idea, the reason why we can't avoid the darkness because it has been calculated based on the privilege we have earned, if we misinterpret about the darkness, we are treated with unfair thing by the darkness, every skill we have designed can help us to reach the destination we deserved it, it’s like the seed which it is planted beneath the ground, whether we like it or not, the darkness will set this plan in order to grow new mindset for us, so we don’t need to change what the darkness does to our skill, let the darkness does its job and we don’t need to interfere what the darkness does, as human being, our main job is ensure what we design with our mindset staying in line with God's path.

           Remember this; we don’t need to waste our energy to think about something we can’t control, however the darkness has its own way how to support what we believe, if we believe every hard work will pay off, we shouldn't doubt about the end result, so the darkness will not work until we instill something we believe in the future, do you understand what I have in mind, "the darkness has the same value with opportunity", if we can work together with the darkness, it will turn into opportunity, if we escape from the darkness, it will turn into regret and self-ignorance, so all you need to do right now is don’t force yourself to follow the darkness pattern, but focus on what your heart tells you to go in God’s plan, so you will be enlightened with His plan, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.