3 tips how to build your courage and face your fears

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       Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “3 ways how to build your courage and face your fears”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are tied with their fear until they don’t know how to build their courage for developing their career, in this article I would share some tips how to build your courage and how to face your fears at the same time, hopefully after you read this article, you will find your strength and you can use your strength to change your fear as confidence booster, here is the first tip how to build your courage and face your fears; put all your fears into remote area where you can’t achieve it and focus about what you can control only, means, you are not allowed to burden your mind with something you can’t control because every human being is designed to hold accountable to what they can control, not being held accountable to what human can’t control.

      "the more you insist to control what’s outside of your control, the more you are being pursued with unexpected problem and your mind will attract more and more problem"it's the capacity law, the universe gives response based on what you focus, not what you are capable, if you focus how to implant your skill set to the right size pot, you can't become a high performance person because you limit yourself in the comfort pot, but if you don't limit your belief to implant your skill set in your future's land constantly, you will get high risk value but also unimaginable profit, remember this; courage doesn't mean to do something without plan, courage is part of strategic effort how to break old mindset and how to see opportunity where most people can't see, remember this acronym, FEAR is "False Evidence Appearing Real", means, you don't need to give your energy to something you can't afford, I have ever told in my other article that the human's job in this life is not operating something after it's guaranteed, but making attempt in order to manifest something which it doesn't exist yet.
you have to build vision and mission if you want to increase your courage and eliminate your fear at the same time
         Here is the second tip how to build your courage and face your fears; face your own fear before you start something, as we know together that not all fears can bring the worse thing if we know how to delegate, if you have big fear, you should be grateful because you can delegate it as self-motivation, if you succeed to change your own fear as stepping stone, your focus will attract more energy to you and help you to finish your tough job until it’s done, here is the third tip how to build your courage and face your fears; imagine new possibility to attract alternative strategy, means, you mustn’t stay silent to face your own fear, you have to focus and research what you want to develop in the future, not to do what you love in short term period, in order to increase the magnitude of your strength, you have to embrace many new failure and consider it as new lesson, that's worth thing you need to store in your brain memory, remember this; good opportunity will come into your eyes if you clear your defense from being afraid to accept rejection, being afraid not to try something.

        Don’t ever ask success will come to you with your own desires, well maybe one of your wishes can invite success to come, but most of the time will reject your major wishes because your expertise isn't mature yet, remember this; life is talking about act of giving at first, not act of taking advantage at first, means, you need to give your energy, focus, dedication and enthusiasm to work on your skill set as basic requirement to build a new life, then let success comes to you unexpectedly, If you want to get something significant in life, you must try to contribute something, if you already contribute something, let see the feedback from other people who already accept your contribution, please remember that every your contribution reflects to what your habitual response does towards the reality, not based on your own circumstance, you have to practice what you want to develop in the future and let the universe will work the rest of your contribution, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.